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ref date:24 Sep 1999 (SI)
SNP make Labour and Liberals look useless in election result

Bill Tynan (Lab) 7,172
Annabelle Ewing (SNP) 6,616
Shareen Blackall (SSP) 1,847
Charles Ferguson (C) 1,406
Stephen Mungall (Accies) 1,075
Marilyne MacLaren (LD) 634 
Monica Burns (ProLife) 257; 
Tom Dewar (Soc Lab) 238; 
James Reid (SUP) 113; 
Alistair McConnachie (UK Ind) 61; George
Stidolph (NLP) 18; 
John Drummond Murray (Status Quo) 17. 

 Labour  majority: 556
 Turn-out: 41.33% 

The Labour party ONLY just retained control of Hamilton in the election! Their majority was cut from 16000 to just 556 as the SNP ground them into the Dirt!

Blair must be VERY afraid. These people have always voted Labour and now they are saying the Scottish parliament, devolution and its London masters are NO GOOD for Hamilton and NO GOOD for Scotland. The SNP have reaffirmed independence from Westminster as the way forward for the Scots.

The Liberals, the party with no morals who've sold their soul to Blair for power in the rotten coalition did so badly the local football(soccer) team candidate did better then they did - The Liberals have NO right to have any power in the Scottish parliament

Annabelle Ewing, the SNP candidate said : “To take on this campaign in the face of adversity and to overcome a huge Westminster majority in Labour’s fifth safest seat was indeed a major task, but one in which we picked up the gauntlet and gave as good as we got. “George Robertson predicted that devolution would kill the SNP stone dead. This result proves that we’re not only alive but preparing to move Scotland on to independence.”

The Labour "winner" said in the mode of his deluded party “The people of Hamilton have put their trust in me and once again their trust in Labour and the Labour Government.”