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ref date:14 May 2001 (SI)
Blair has contempt for Scots intelligence

Tony Blair promised Scotland that Scotland would be a bed of roses with its devolved 'parliament'. He promised massive investment. He lied. Blairs latest bid to pull the wool over dumb Scottish Labour voters eyes went like this

"It (Labours new manifesto)sets out the future plans for modernisation of Scotland's public services that have already been set in train by Labour in the Scottish Parliament. It is the job of the Labour-led Scottish Executive in the Scottish Parliament to deliver the necessary improvements to public services in Scotland. The task of a Labour government is to deliver the investment needed to make that change happen."

The Scottish executive has NO cash and no authority to do anything. The taxes are gouged from the Scots , our companies are sold to English interests and our fossil fuels are sucked dry. All with a big smile from London.

I don't care which wins in 'Britain', Tory and Labour alike treat Scotland like a backwater. We'll only be able to stand on our on feet if we vote for our freedom from London. We can NEVER be free of the European Union , nor would we want to be, but it is LONDON/Westminster and this stinking 'Union' that is bleeding the Scots dry - not Europe.