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ref date:30 Aug 2000 (WBA)
Freedom on information in Scotland will be a LIE

Jim Wallace, deputy first minister in the Scottish "parliament" has said that Scotland will have a more open freedom of information policy in place compared to the cloistered catacombs that London favours.

He claimed that unless there was a real security threat that public interest would always be served before hiding papers away in filing cabinets in Edinburgh.

Fine words, however, where are the papers that unveil why England stole 6000 square miles of sea from Scotland JUST before devolution?.

Where are the assurances that spying on Scots peoples internet email and web transactions won't be permitted given MI6 is set to break European Human Rights law with its implementation of a super packet sniffer on major "UK" wide internet backbone networks?

Where is the proof we are subsided by Westminster in spite of our vast payments into Londons coffers?

As usual its just fine words from the Liberals and Labour to hide the fact they do as London wishes, they dont give a hoot about Scottish freedoms or European law.