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ref date:24 Jun 2001 (HEA)
Tobacco killer promoted by London world wide it seems

The states in the USA spent a lot of time and money to prove tobacco kills, that it is addictive , that the tobacco companies encourage under age smoking and that they dont care. These states got billions in cash PAY OFFS from 'big tobacco' the same way Blairs party did.

Tory, Kenneth Clarke, who is also a former secretary of state for health, has just returned from a week-long business trip to Vietnam to promote the interests of British American Tobacco.

BAT pays Clarke 100,000 a year for his services as deputy chairman, a non-executive position. The multinational is seeking government approval for a 28m deal to expand production in Vietnam, one of the heaviest smoking nations in the developing world.

What nice people we have governing Scotland from London. Tell that to your next friend or parent who contracts cancer is cigarette ridden Scotland.