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ref date:7 Dec 2000 (SI)
Independent Scots would be far wealthier on average

Its been the best kept Westminster secret that Scotland has been financially solvent, indeed more than solvent for 2 decades. The taxation generated from our industries:electronics , finance, oil, gas and 'traditional' - including whisky have been siphoned off and hidden from us by Westminster.

Then we've been given an allowance under the Barnett formula and told 'like it or lump it'. This attitude has been prevalent under All Tory and Labour London based governments whose only interest is to preserve the Scottish-English union to exploit the Scots for votes and cash.

John Swinney, SNP leader, highlighted yet again how deep this lie runs and how many Scots naievely believe it. Swinney said "Scotland is a rich country. A vote for the SNP in this by-election will be a vote for full fiscal freedom and independence for Scotland, so that we can turn our rich country into a rich society, here in Falkirk West and throughout Scotland."

He went on to say "Scotland would generate a budget surplus this year of 2800m and 4900m next year, equivalent to 1511 for every man, woman and child in the country."

He said "Another Labour MP (in the Falkirk MP position) would support the continued filching of our resources, depriving Scotland of 7700m over this year and next...the SNP will stand up for keeping that money in Scotland so that the Scottish people can democratically decide how we invest our own abundant resources."