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ref date:15 Jan 2001 (SI)
220 million pounds for UK social problems

In an effort to help those most trapped in poverty in Scotland and England, Blair is giving a TINY 220 million pounds ($400 million). This after he spent about 2 billion pounds on glitzy failures for the Londons benefit in the shape of the millennium dome and a large 'wheel'.

Making more committees on the local level will NOT help. Poverty in these areas will stay until local economies are primed with long term employment. Given the virtual collapse of industries in these areas I don't see that happening, so its more glitz from Blair.

Remember the tens of billions of pounds Blair made by agreeing to sell of sections of the microwave spectrum to wireless companies last year? Where has all that cash gone? All you'll see from it is chronic exposure to low levels of microwave radiation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year if you live near a tower or monopole....