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ref date:27 Sep 2002 (wba)
Saudi and Iraq no friends of ours
What is more important: democracy and freedom OR oil supplies and helping your friends in the arms industry make a few billion dollars selling ordinance?

Well, if you are a fair minded Westerner OR Muslim, the answer is the first suggestion, but for Blair and Bush its the second.

With unsubstantiated reports on the state of Iraqs military capability Blair and Bush are pushing for their own 'preemptive' strikes on Iraq (that will be regarded by many fair minded Muslims and Westerners alike as terrorism) whilst ignoring the fact that States like Saudi "our current friends", are beating the living daylights out of people and accusing them of bombings!

Sandy Mitchell, originally from Kirkintilloch, and William Sampson, a Canadian national born in Glasgow, were accused of a car bombing campaign in Saudi and now face death by beheading.

What's more important? Support dictatorial regimes you WANT to buy oil from (Saudi, Brunei, Kuwait) or illegally bombing Iraq rather than just 'wiping' its leader?

Time the "UK" population and the US population told their respective governments to THINK before they carry out any NON U.N. backed strikes that will be seen by the fair minded as unwarranted and even terrorist in nature.