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ref date:22 Dec 2000 (SI)
Falkirk by-election sees Labour victorious by tiny margin

The SNP had a good chance of winning the Falkirk by-election, however, they lost it to incumbent (incompetent) Labour by just over 700 votes. The exact results were

Labour: Eric Joice 8492 (44%)
SNP: David Kerr 7787 (40%)
Conservative: Craig Stevenson 1621 (8%).
Scottish Socialist Party: Iain Hunter 989 (5%).
Lib Dem: Hugh O'Donnell 615 (3%)
Majority: 705 (Labour majority May 1997 13,783)
SO, the Labour majority was cut from 13,783 to just 705 votes, giving the SNP more credibility in their claim that even HARD CORE Labour supporters may see independence as a way forward rather than staying with the sham of a "parliament" they have now.