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ref date:1 Sep 2001 (SI)
SNP leader Swinney must take the hard line

John Swinney is being portrayed by the 'BRITISH' media as a luke-warm version of Alex Salmond and a man who gradualist approach to Scotland achieving independence is well liked (by those WHO WOULD STOP THAT)

Swinney needs to take the hard line, get the figures from ENGLANDS treasury that show how Scotland is scammed for billions in tax and then UNDERFUNDED and push that in the Labour publics face and the face of weak minded fool executives who run largely ENGLISH controlled companies.

Swinney said "As a country, we need the power to change things in the way we want and need. The executive can tweak policies under devolution but the big decisions are still taken in the south. But with independence we can do anything we want, if we want. We will be showing how even the existing powers of the Scottish Parliament can be used to make a better Scotland. But if you need a best Scotland you need independence."

The softly softly approach makes him and the SNP a laughing stock, and he should tell those who laugh at the notion on independence they are craven fools.