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ref date:22 Dec 2000 (EU)
Photos of celebrities hidden from us today, what tomorrow?

If you are a politician or someone else who chooses a life in the public eye you have to expect that the public are curious about what you do. Certainly you have a right to some privacy, but if candid pictures from a highly publicised event (even though it meant to be private) leak to the press, then you should have hidden the event more carefully.

Stars may well get their photographs removed from tabloids using the European Convention on Human Rights, but gag orders on the press belong in backward, third world dictatorial regimes, like China - not in the "UK" nor the "USA". The press pursues its claims, correctly, that many stories should be disclosed because they feel it impacts the public interest. This is the right thing to do. Screaming national security just says that the public may not approve of what those who are doing the screaming are with it's called accountability.