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ref date:3 Oct 2002 (edu)
Blair dictating policy on Scotland once too often
We now how a unique opportunity to see if there is any SPINE left in the Scottish labour party, that DOES EVERYTHING London tells it to, as it has since 1997 and before.

Blair wants to see a lunatic change to the education system that will lead to a fragmented, non standard and poorly targetted set of education objectives IMPOSED on Scotland as they will be in England.

However, education is a matter SOLELY for the Scottish people and parliament to decide upon, as stated in the 1998 Scotland Act.

The so called Scottish executive can stamp SCOTTISH on our education matters now and say NO point blank and final to London, Blair and the idiots in whitehall.

Will they? I doubt it, because Blair will send in his political 'murder'squad in should his poodles in the so called Scottish parliament misbehave in Blairs view for his new third reich.