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ref date:2 Sep 1999 (SI)
SNP leader Alex Salmond reaffirms desire for Independent Scotland

The Scottish parliament is about to start its first full time session, and the so called Scottish executive comprised of Labour yes men and belly up Liberals will be trying hard to explain the job losses, the U-turns on university fees and the constant meddling by London in Scottish affairs. He said: "For the first time in my political life I believe that independence is now inevitable. Previously I thought that independence was highly desirable and likely ... I thought that for many years."

He also said "I think that because of the base camp that has been established, because of the institution of the parliament, independence is now as near inevitable as anything can be in politics. The argument is now of timescale. Some people would like to postpone the date of independence as long as possible, our argument is sooner rather than later – as soon as possible. The argument is now one of timescale rather than destination."

Alex needs to hammer the truth about Scotlands economic slavery to London out, we need to see that WE pay London, NOT we get cash from London as the spin machine persuaded many in Scotland in May. Alex Salmond hinted at a harder line when he said "Just because we are being constructive and positive about opposition does not mean that we will be powder puff in the way that we deliver our message."

He also said the likes of Margo MacDonald "We don’t have the same robotic control as Labour in their party and so in the SNP there should be room for dissident voices, but I think an ‘awkward squad’ would be a bit of an exaggeration."

The Awkward squad being those who say the penny for Scotland ploy was an election loser. Well, not so much a loser as the fact London 'proved' WITH NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that Scotland was not already economically self sufficient. The Scottish voter bought that lie.

If the SNP dispel that myth, independence is not only inevitable, it will be greatly accelerated!