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ref date:28 Dec 2001 (SI)
Tory party going BUST is fantastic news for Scotland

This party, the party of Major and of Thatcher, insulted, overtaxed, degraded and used the Scottish people for almost two decades. Their actions resulted in the large scale destruction of the Scottish spirit (continued today by Tony Blair and his new right wing Labour party in London) and the destruction of hope for an entire Scottish generation.

Now it seems this ENGLISH party are going bust. Their supporters have found a better right wing crowd to support in the form of Tony Blairs so called 'Labour ' Party. No longer socialist, it pursues the same mad privatise and be damned attitude first started under Thatcher. It follows the spin , lies and deception ideals of Thatcher and wants to keep the Scots inside the rotten, abusive 'UNION" that has held Scotland back as a colony for 300 years.

The Scottish National Party hailed the allegations as proof the Tories were in "terminal decline", stating: "They seem to be in danger of going out of business as a going concern. It is a further indication, after their disastrous election in Scotland and the UK, that the Tories are a party out touch and out of time."