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ref date:5 Mar 2001 (HEA)
Health care for Scots homeless a joke

Malcom Chisolm, deputy health minister said this "What we can't be proud of is (Scotland) being top of league tables for our mortality rates, child health problems, and high rate of smoking. Health inequalities across different groups in Scotland are disturbing. Ms Irving will forge links between the health service, local councils and voluntary organisations."

Ms Irving, is meant to head yet another Labour initiative to make Scots feel good about the fact they are being royally screwed by London.

Less than a week after admitting secondary infections in Scottish hospitals were killing people and had risen by up to 800% in a couple of years, we see Labour spinning its 'web of care' over tired, bleary (blinkered?) Scots Labour voters eyes.

Try asking those in the snow in Edinburgh this last fortnight what they think of Blairs idea of health care and how successful they think the 'Scottish parliament' has been!