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ref date:28 Dec 2001 (HEA)
Privatised council housing underfunded and sold on a lie

People opposed to a 19 million deal which will see Scotland's first mass stock transfer of council homes into private hands claim tenants have been misled by promises of a huge cash injection to upgrade their houses.

Spin doctor brochures selling the LONDON suggested (Scottish executive backed LABOUR PARTY) sell off of 7,000 houses in the Scottish Borders to a housing association claimed there would be a 75 million programme of improvements and maintenance work in the first ten years if tenants voted in favour of the transfer in a ballot.

It now seems that the actual figure spent will be 52 million, and in some years little or nothing will be spent on the housing stock. The council currently invests 3.5 million each year on maintenance

Here is another reason why the Scots MUST stop voting for London policies inflicted upon them via their pathetic so called parliament and the Scottish Office.