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ref date:7 Mar 2002 (CD)
US and UK in scheme to punish Iraq again

An MP in Londons parliament made strong comments last night when he condemned the plans that seem to be in motion between idiot George Bush and his US poodle, Tony Blair to attack Iraq again and kill countless civilians who HATE and cannot get rid of Saddam Hussein.

Its clear that Saddam is a menace, but it is also obvious he is a contained menace. The public in Iraq have suffered greatly since the end of the Gulf war and many do not want to that suffering made worse.

Although its a serious conclusion to reach, the US may as well use one bullet, one sniper, and admit to asassinating Saddam if they think he is that much of a threat, than wasting hundreds of millions of dollars (at least) dropping ordinance HOPING to kill him.

Any other country supporting Saddam would complain regardless of HOW he died!

The IRAQ saga