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ref date:11 Aug 1998 (ECON)
SNP still taking the high ground

Labours broken manifesto pledges to business compare starkly with the bold plan launched by the Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond who has said "Last week Labour were attacking the SNP for being a high tax party, this week they are attacking us for proposing low tax. Labour are in a state of terminal confusion about how to deal with the SNP challenge and our positive proposals. The SNP's low business tax policy is a strong an positive one. Donald Dewar's leaden response to the SNP's proposal to lower business tax in Scotland shows that Labour don't understand how a modern, dynamic economy works and therefore their figures are bogus."

Labour has accused the SNP of (a) not being able to balance a budget and (b) not understanding the implications of Scotland joining the Euro.

This because Labour have displayed their ineptitude by tax raising and their lack of foresight by bowing low to the 'City of London' and not joining the Euro with France and Germany.