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ref date:24 Aug 1999 (HEA)
Living wills are unacceptable Catholic Church tells government

The ability of an individual to make a will saying how they should be treated after an extraodinarily bad accident that leaves them in a vegetative state, or how they should be treated if they fall into a painful incurable illness, ought be a HUMAN, and NOT God-given right. The church has no business interfering in these matters, it is a matter for the individual. The Bill altering the way 'incapable' adults are to be medically treated also contained living will sections that the government in London has backed out of to placate rabid 'pro-lifers'.

The last thing we need as we approach the 21st century is a collection of lunatic right winger moral majority retards writing government policy and affecting how every one ELSE lives their life and chooses to help end in it extenuating circumstances.