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House of Lords needs to be abolished
spacer ref date:3 Jan 2003 (wba)
House of Lords needs to be abolished

There are now plans to keep the house of Lords in London as an appointed rather than elected body to help bolster, justify and sell the bad ideas of the House of Commons to the people of Scotland and England.

Gone are Blairs promises of an elected second house to temper the crazy, undemocratic fervour of the lower house (like attacking Iraq w ithout UN backing)

We see now the Scotland is ruled by

  • The Scottish 'parliament'
  • The House of commons in London (Westminster)
  • The House of Lords in London
  • The scottish office in Edinburgh (an arm of Westminster)
  • The European parliament
  • London veto

    Best if the Scots scrape this dirt off and declare independence leaving a Scottish parliament and the European parliament ONLY.

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