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ref date:17 Nov 2000 (SI)
Scotlands profile in the USA and Alex Salmond

On a tour that can be described in no other way than "whistlestop" Alex Salmond is raising the awareness of Economic, Political and Cultural Scottish issues across the united States. From New York to Northern California and Chicago, Mr Salmond is there saying 'Here is the Scotland of the 21st Century', and he is being very well received.

With a sharp wit, quick turn of phrase and a personality that immediately puts those around him at ease Alex Salmonds continues to be one of Scotlands finest ambassadors, perhaps not Sean Connery , but a man whose passion for Scotlands freedom can only lead him to greater things in the future.

It seems John Swinney has either won the hearts of enough SNP supporters at this time, or simply is basking in his post election honeymoon period, whatever Johns situation is, Alex is the best man he could turn to when the seas get choppy - as they will. However, it is this very open party behaviour that sets the SNP above the gutter sniping behaviour of the pro-Scottish/English Unionist parties.