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ref date:16 Jun 1998 (ECON)
Genetically altered Asparagus anyone?

Prince Charles is at it again. Me, feed my kids crops altered by SCIENTISTS... foam.

Well, yes, you ought to.

Crops that can grow stronger, faster and need less water, are resistant to naturally occurring viruses and need less herbicide are to be commended, not shunned.

The world needs to eat, if we can sustain agriculture with fewer man made disease and pest controls sprayed liberally onto those crops why don't we?

Some people think these 'altered' crops my up root and eat their children like triffids, others that walking through a field of 'altered' barley will be dangerous.

They shun science and focussed development at the same time as they connect to the internet, hit 'climate control' in their 4x4's and give new drugs to stop their child dying from asthma brought on by carpet mites.

Time for a little rational thought perhaps?