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ref date:30 Apr 2002 (si)
Queen Elizabeth of Englands jubilee inappropriate in Scotland
In a speech to MPs , Queen Elzabeth the first of the so called "UK" said that

"We also take pride in our tradition of fairness and tolerance - the consolidation of our richly multicultural and multifaith society, a major development since 1952, is being achieved remarkably peacefully and with much goodwill."

Where is the fairness and tolerance? Scotland is still colony, it is suffered only because of its oil, gas and strategic position and is made a fool of by being sold a so called parliament and limited so called 'self rule' via devolution that makes a mockery of democracy. A democracy that was taken from us at the behest of London and Elizabeths foreign ancestors under conditions of duress, bribery and force of arms in 1707.

I will not celebrate 50 years of subjugation to match the last 250 years as a colony. At the silever Jubilee I remained in my school whilst the sheep, that now vote Labour and sell their country out, went out and waved the Union Jack- the flag of our occupation.

We should bring back our on Royal Stuart line, the TRUE King of Scotland - the Duke of Albany, a man whose ancestors fought and died to keep Scotland free.

Take Elizabeths 50 years and KEEP them out of Scotland.