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ref date:14 Apr 1998 (SI)
New Labours Scottish mole to fight for his position

Ian Hamilton (QC) a man with a fine legal mind who helped return the stone of destiny (a ceremonial artifact used to crown Scottish Kings) to its rightful place in Edinburgh rather than in London, is to stand against New Labours man Donald Dewar.

Dewars seat in the Scottish parliament may not be safe!

Mr Hamilton, 72, is to applying to stand as an SNP candidate.

"If Mr Dewar should stand for election as an MSP (member of the Scottish parliament), I will stand against him on a simple Scottish platform," Mr Hamilton said yesterday.

He added: "Donald has agreed all his political life with whatever new or old Labour has told him. I am a Scot, voicing what I think are the views of my people."

Here's wishing Mr Hamilton the best of luck.