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ref date:3 Mar 2000 (ECON)
Labour finance minister in dream land

JACK McCONNELL, Scotland's finance minister said "Differences of opinion between Scotland and England are a natural consequence of devolution. Diversity should be celebrated, not condemned or exploited. We need a new, mature political culture in Scotland which embraces diversity and helps devolution within the union succeed."

He went on to witter "The Nationalist (SNP)agenda is to set up every possible difference between Scotland and London as a building block for separation. In contrast, devolution allows genuine differences while also securing the benefits of partnership within the UK."

What benefits are they JACK?

Our oil , gas and seas are raped to fill Londons coffers, our EU money is hidden from us using the barrnet formula, you veto our 'parliament' and take control of it as you please.

The only benefit of the 'union' is to the South East of England - and that my friend has to and will stop.