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ref date:19 Jan 1999 (EDU)
Scottish schools do WELL not wasting time on religion

A scenario....

So, you are off for your interview for your first job.

Its been 6 hard years at secondary school, and thanks to the governments strict observance of Christian worship you feel you are ready for it.

You cant read well, or spell well, or do basic maths - but does that matter? No, your school spent your time and its money on religious materials and indoctrination. You are ready all right. A pity your parents came from India originally, or were Catholics rather than free Church of Scotland.

Ready- for nothing.

Charles Kennedy, leader of East Dunbartonshire Council said "We want to ensure that we conform to the national guidelines on religious observance. I feel it is as important as the teaching of reading and writing in our schools. Moral education is essential."

Whose morals are those Mr Kennedy? That is a parents job, not the schools and certainly NOT the remit of some religious indoctrination.