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ref date:20 Apr 2001 (HEA)
Genetic testing and Insurance

It has become clear that insurers want to maximise profits at the expense of 'sharing risk' amongst all their clients.

Why? For now they can only ask for genetic tests to see if a client has a risk of Huntingtons disease, but they would dearly love to invade everyones privacy and have more and more tests and scatter these results willy nilly over the internet to persecute people and create a 'genetic underclass'.

Here then is pandoras box. We can help eliminate some genetic disorders VERY early on in life and perhaps even engineer some ailments away, but the 'new stigma' that could be associated with this therapy would be seized on by the insurers as ways of denying coverage orr increasing rates.

Perhaps they should charge higher insurance premiums to people with blue eyes (genetically determined) as they are more often dazzled by sun whilst driving. Or perhaps charge more for life insurance to whites who are more likely to contract skin cancers?

Get the idea? This is NOT acceptable.