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ref date:4 Dec 1997 (SI)
Labour attacks Scottish people

The Labour party has started its cutting of funds from London to Scotland. Even though treasury figures proved how wealth London sucked out of Scotlands oil, gas and taxes to fund Londons cash lust, the Scots face a bleak new year under "New labour".

Blair is a Tory in Labour clothing.

If the Scots do not realise that the parliamentary vote for a devolved parliament was just a way of quietening them down and forcing a 3% tax hike by London it's really sad. (Im Scottish and am sick of being taken for a ride by Westminster)

Whether the Scots Labour voter likes to admit it or not - its time to vote for the SNP and put Scotlands interests FIRST when the new parliament elections happen (I used to vote Labour - no longer, they are just the new Tories)

Use the vote for a devolved parliament to populate it with Scots who will ignore London and take care of Scotland first!

Scottish Secretary, Donald Dewar, revealed that spending on Scotland in the coming financial would be a cut in real terms.

Council tax bills are set to rise by an average of 7 per cent as a result of the 14.61 billion spending package Mr Dewar announced at a meeting of the Scottish Grand Committee in the Commons yesterday.

The SNP ( Scottish National Party) forced Mr Dewar to admit that the 2.4 per cent rise of 269 million was a cut of 0.4 per cent in real terms when inflation is taken into account.