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ref date:12 Nov 1997 (WBA)
Labour will starve Scotland of cash

The Labour party, its cabinet in London, will cut Scotlands funding after the Scottish parliament opens towards the close of the century.

Even though the Scottish oil they merrily pump ashore funds the "UK" economy, they will leave the Scots high and dry.

They will give us a parliament that will have little or no power, with vetos coming from London, they will gag the legally elected Scottish MPs, they will force the Scottish parliament to raise taxes to cover the shortfall whilst collecting taxes from the Scots people to feather Londons nest.

If this doesn't sound like empire I don't know what does.

A treasury spokesman said "There are no plans for a needs assessment, although we have not ruled one out in the future. The Government has taken the view that any assessment would need to be taken forward with the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales, and therefore could not be sensibly carried out until they are in place."