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ref date:1 Oct 1999 (SI)
Blair to have veto over ENTIRE Scottish parliament

The concordants - secretive pieces of legislation NOT voted upon by the people of Scotland that will govern how the Scottish parliament and Westminster interact will be published soon.

One of them gives Tony Blair an absolute veto to deny the people of Scotland and their duly elected parliament the right to execute any legislation Blair deems would harm "UK" interests -

This is disgraceful

Stupid Labour voters need to get it into their thick skulls that they have beed had - and always have been. Duped by London labour.

The SNPs Alex Neil said "It would be like putting Dracula in charge of the nationís blood bank. This [the Prime Minister] is the man who described the Scottish parliament as the equivalent of a parish council.How can he be seen to be defending the interests of the Scottish parliament. He is head of an interested party. There is no way he can be impartial."