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ref date:23 Apr 2003 (env)
Scottish water on way to privatisation
London forced the Scots to create a national water authority, on pretexts of controlling pollution and overseeing general quality and management for the PUBLIC.

Now the same authority is to fire 1500 people to control 'costs'.

Sound like a private company speaking? Sure it does.

The plan is to sell of the water industry and then hike water prices in Scotland, as the idiots South of the border did.

Bruce Crawford, SNP shadow environment minister, said: "It is only about delivering profits to future shareholders after Labour's planned privatisation."

Scotland is awash with water - we are not short of it, and we dont want to pay through the nose for it.

Lets hope an SNP led government would simply abolish the water authority and put it back under local control, where its worked well for a LONG time.