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ref date:8 Jan 2000 (EDU)
Where do you want to go tomorrow?

It is a frightening prospect indeed when "US industry gurus" are allowed to say or do anything that may influence how Scottish children are educated given the dreadful state of education in the USA.

The CBI (confederation of British industry) still has it claws in Scotland and has invited some deluded teachers and these Americans to lead the "education by design" team where children will waste time on the bulls--t skills they will acquire naturally in time anyway e.g. team working communication and problem solving....

We need a broad based and NON specialized education for younger children, basic skills will be learned early on, and fine honing will happen at college, university and in the workplace.

Tying kids into say (God forbid) microsoft windows and learning to say "zeee" rather than "Z'd" is no way forward.

Remember that in Silicon valley California, about 40% of ALL the technical workforce are NON AMERICANS. Why?

Partly because the US education system is such a failure. Why do we want it in Scotland?