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ref date:23 Apr 2001 (WBA)
Scottish executive exploding at the seams

John Swinney (SNP) , made the very good point that Tony Blairs puppets , that run the Scottish 'executive' (There is no Scottish government) are more interested in sorting out each other than in solving Scotland's problems. "Once again, senior Labour politicians are indulging in spin and counter-spin against one another.Henry McLeish presides over a government that lurches from crisis to crisis, with minister briefing against minister. New Labour ministers are all trying to blame each other for the catalogue of disasters for which they will be remembered."

Swinney went on to say: "Now we have Tony Blair's person in Scotland, Helen Liddell, launching a thinly-veiled attack on Henry McLeish for the inter-necine nature of the Scottish Cabinet. Not for the first time, or the last time, has Henry McLeish's authority been undermined by a member of the UK cabinet."

Here's the sad truth for all the Scots dumb enough to vote Labour and help continue the wreck of their country and culture.