An easy to set up Blog Template for Mobirise V4
Customisable in the Mobirise editor program v4.5.x or later
Now includes Optional Commenting, Friendly URL's, Avatars and Post Sharing

About the Blog System Professional

System Requirements and more....

System Requirements

What you need to use/edit the system:
Web Server with PHP 5.4 or later
PHP MySqli extension
PHP File_get_contents() extn.
PHP fopen enabled
PHP simplexml_load_file() Extn.
One MySql database
Mobirise 4.5.x or later
Mobirise Code Editor Extension


Fully Responsive and compatible with mobirise:
Uses Bootstrap's responsive framework and mobirise's editing functions and code editor to add additional functionality for the blog functions.
Now includes friendly SEO Virtual URL's.
Add Friendly URL's to Sitemap
Auto create .htaccess and .user.ini files.
Each post has it's own sharing settings.
Select Image for sharing for each post.

Easy to Customise

Using standard mororise editor + code editor:
The web site is easy to customise using your mobirise editor. You can also edit the blog system code using the mobirise code editor to edit the additional PHP code if required.

Unlimited Users

Easily add as many users as you wish:
You can add users easily and only logged in users can add posts. Users post content can be added using a custome post editor to add text, images and more.

What is Included

The comprehensive system includes

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Automatic Database Configuration
Just create a blank database in your Host's cPanel fill in a few details and the database is configured for you with the necessary connection files.
No coding knowledge required.

Email Validation

Comprehensive Blog Posts

Using a custom post editor
Posts can include text, images and more. All can be fully formatted and links etc added to the posts. 
Posts are responsive and will adjust to different devices automatically.
Auto friendly URL's for better SEO.
Each post has own sharing settings.
Multiple sharing sites can be switched on/off.

Member Management

User Management

Includes a users management area for admin
Manage Users from a simple to use management page and manually add users if required. Only added users can add posts to the blog.

Other Features

Other Features

Encrypted passwords plus
All passwords are encrypted for security. Includes a forgot password facility for self re-setting lost passwords.Change email header logo, other easy to configure options and easily change send from email address.


Optional Comments

Allow visitors to comment on your posts. 
You can select to make comments auto-approved or require admin approval to display them. You will receive an email when a comment is made.
HTML tags are auto removed from any comment made.


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