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  independence for Scotland    

1997-12-09    Chip designers chose Scotland
1997-12-04    Disk drive company suffering
1997-11-18    Labour sends mixed hi-tech signals
1997-11-17    Scotland squabbles with NE over jobs
1997-11-12    US aerospace moves to Prestwick (Glasgow)
1997-11-10    Scots business to grasp internet
1997-11-10    Extra oil tax woes
1997-11-07    Labour Rigs Scottish Investment
1997-11-07    Bank of England raises interest rates
1997-11-06    Scots highlight their HI-TECH
1997-10-27    Scotlands economy suffers as pound strengthens
1997-10-23    Labour fixes international investment?
1997-10-22    Locate in Scotland loses good man
1997-10-08    Labour says it will put PCs in all schools
1997-10-08    European Union targets Scotlands farmers
1997-10-03    Why many Scots leave for California
1997-09-24    Scotland economy slows - oil sales boom
1997-09-19    Shell to exploit ANOTHER Scottish field
1997-09-18    US companies set to exploit more Scottish oil
1997-09-18    Scotia pharmaceuticals unveils new cancer drug
1997-09-18    EU doesn't clear Scottish beef herds
1997-09-17    Organon invests sixteen million in new Biotech research
1997-07-29    Scotch duty rise before review 'inconsistent'
1997-07-20    Scots slice of cash could fall
1997-07-17    Union council in sombre mood over state of industry
1997-07-16    More budgetary analysis
1997-07-03    3rd July 1997 minibudget
1997-05-26    Britain plunders the seas