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  independence for Scotland    
2000-12-28    Smoke induced and Cell phone cancers undeserving?
2000-12-28    Scotlands national parks open for exploitation
2000-12-28    happy new year mr petrol man
2000-12-28    Cargo handling for train loading in Scotland
2000-12-24    Nepotism in Scotlands parliament?
2000-12-22    Toyota highlights why the pound must go soon
2000-12-22    Tax on cars in city centres probably illegal
2000-12-22    Scots ripped by London - official figures
2000-12-22    Photos of celebrities hidden from us today, what tomorrow?
2000-12-22    Labour set to privatise housing regardless
2000-12-22    Jobs bribe for votes
2000-12-22    Falkirk by-election sees Labour victorious by tiny margin
2000-12-22    1984 coming to a country near you
2000-12-21    Scots teachers misled in salary negotiations
2000-12-19    Water privatisation in Scotland would raise prices
2000-12-19    SNP debate on TV and Labours lies
2000-12-19    Sir Sean Connery blocked from helping Scottish Independence
2000-12-19    Glasgow mistakenly leaves managed council umbrella
2000-12-19    Doctors nurses and dentists in Scotland brushed aside
2000-12-19    Child porn on increase in West Scotland
2000-12-17    To hell with American controlled NATO
2000-12-17    Scotlands New Year switched off
2000-12-15    Scottish TV watchdog orders level air time playing field
2000-12-15    Labour cronies now control BBC news and other media
2000-12-15    Clinton blind to world poverty
2000-12-07    Independent Scots would be far wealthier on average
2000-12-06    NATO will become a relic
2000-12-06    Labours goodlife leaves thousands homeless in Scotland
2000-12-05    Too little too late - BSE is with us now
2000-12-05    Scottish University staff to take strike action over pay
2000-12-05    Sam Galbraith IS too blame for exams fiasco
2000-12-04    London tries to spy on us all again
2000-12-04    Bombing party better than SNP according to London
2000-12-01    Negligent Labour ministers walk away free from their mess
2000-12-01    McLeish in a dream world
2000-12-01    Labour closes down democratic vote
2000-12-01    Jim Wallace - no friend to the Scots people
2000-12-01    EU gives cash aid to Scotland
2000-12-01    Election debates will be stage managed
2000-11-29    Old age pensioners in Scotland snubbed by London
2000-11-29    Blair makes positive Euro statement
2000-11-27    Train accidents show privatisation has failed
2000-11-27    Mobile phone cancers and defence
2000-11-27    Millennium madness and football madness
2000-11-27    John Reid blowing in the wind
2000-11-27    European convention set up as fall guy
2000-11-27    American polluters continue to spew garbage into the air
2000-11-22    Dennis Canavan a Labour target again?
2000-11-22    By-elections a chance for Scots to start ditching Labour
2000-11-20    USA comments on Euro army out of line
2000-11-20    Trident missile shoot down Tommy Sheridan
2000-11-20    Tobacco cancer companies sheltered by Blairs government
2000-11-20    Taxes up 10% under Labour
2000-11-20    Scots better of as an independent state
2000-11-20    Hague says English dont want Scots voting
2000-11-20    By-elections show Labour running scared and lying
2000-11-20    British foreign minister insults Scotland
2000-11-20    Blairs stance on Human Rights is disgusting
2000-11-19    London would plunge Scotland into darkness
2000-11-17    Scotlands profile in the USA and Alex Salmond
2000-11-16    Millennium disasters in London continue
2000-11-16    Blairs plans to privatise air traffic control break devolution act
2000-11-12    SNP want greater control over Scottish taxation
2000-11-12    Scottish Politics professor digs himself a hole
2000-11-12    New Yorks ex Governor tells Scots to take destiny into their OWN hands
2000-11-12    labour regarded by one and all as sleaze pit
2000-11-12    Freedom of speech under attack in USA and UK simultaneously
2000-11-12    British cyber cops a step away from being prosecuted themselves
2000-11-11    White lines of cocaine explain Westminsters weirdnes?
2000-11-11    Train wrecks derailing Labour
2000-11-11    Scottish tourism on the rocks
2000-11-11    Scottish beef industry labeled with Englands BSE madness
2000-11-11    Scotland to get World Trade Association office
2000-11-11    Millennium dome disaster now official
2000-11-11    Health service shakeup will achieve nothing
2000-11-09    Senior citizens get some help from Labour
2000-11-09    Fuel duty cut shows Labour does not care about public opinion
2000-11-07    NHS monies stolen by Labour in Scotland for bribe use
2000-11-07    New Kids on the block would help Europe
2000-11-07    Fuel tax rip off to stay says Labour
2000-11-06    Scottish labour publish junk figures over car tax and fuel tax
2000-11-06    Scots national police force scrapped
2000-11-03    Resignations over school exams fiacso NOT GOOD ENOUGH
2000-11-02    Sex NO DRUGS and rock and roll
2000-11-02    McLeish as secretive as ever over Scotlands government
2000-11-02    Dennis Canavan to rejoin Labour party not likely
2000-11-02    Blair lays blaim for fuel tax protests on road hauliers alone
2000-10-30    Youngsters being forced into NOT driving
2000-10-30    Mad Cow disease deaths may reach epidemic proportions in Scotland and England
2000-10-30    Health service shake up for Scotland a publicity scam as usual
2000-10-30    Entrapment schemes for criminals need VERY careful scrutiny
2000-10-30    Blair would use army against public in fuel protests
2000-10-30    Air traffic control nearing disaster levels
2000-10-22    Scottish council house sell off a rip off
2000-10-22    Police with guns on Englands streets
2000-10-22    Huge cash surplus from Scottish oil and wireless cancers
2000-10-22    Commonwealth studies a course to make EVERY Scot sick
2000-10-22    cell phone SAR values and YOUR health
2000-10-21    McLeish to be new London puppet over Scots parliament
2000-10-20    Rail safety a killing game
2000-10-20    Motorists organisations highlight need for TAX CUT on fuel
2000-10-20    Labours Scottish losers pick over Dewars bones
2000-10-19    Scotlands high school exams system in tatters
2000-10-19    Private rail industry killing us off
2000-10-17    Will London put a YES man in charge of Scotland
2000-10-17    Scottish ship building hopes sink
2000-10-17    Edinburgh University dying under Labours public spending cuts
2000-10-15    Classroom sizes increases dramatically under Labour
2000-10-12    No father figures for our NON nation
2000-10-11    Scotlands influence in Europe NON EXISTENT
2000-10-11    Labours Henry McLeish shows his anti-Scottish side again
2000-10-07    Sports stadium a slap in the face to Scots
2000-10-07    Radiation site Dounreay in Scotland an expensive hazard
2000-10-07    Persuading the plebs the Euro is necessary
2000-10-07    Food is expensive because FUEL is expensive
2000-10-07    Curfews for teens in UK a step towards fascism?
2000-10-06    SNP hit Labour over 75% fuel tax
2000-10-06    Scottish parliament a shambles as Labour stays tight lipped
2000-10-06    Scottish labour stays with medieval type degradation
2000-10-06    Leading Scottish doctor says Glasgow needs hope not art
2000-10-06    Do not forget what the Tory unionists DID TO SCOTLAND
2000-10-06    Cowardly Scottish Liberals lick Londons boots AGAIN
2000-10-04    Work email and calls to be spied on in UK
2000-10-04    Scots tourism on a slippery slope
2000-10-04    Panoramic study of politics dying on UK tv
2000-10-03    SNP set to win by election
2000-10-03    Blair trys to fog Human rights issue
2000-10-02    SNP set to hammer Labour in May elections
2000-10-02    Iraq has pointed to way forward to a super-strong Euro
2000-10-02    Creation of science park in Glasgow has some drawbacks
2000-09-27    Unions TELL Blair to help Britains poor pensioners
2000-09-27    Scottish oil production increase could help squeeze OPEC
2000-09-26    Scottish children more likely to die
2000-09-26    Human Rights Law lets us DEMAND proof of claimed Westminster subsidies
2000-09-26    Englands chancellor continues with punishing fuel taxes
2000-09-26    Denmark likely to say to Euro
2000-09-25    Thatchers dream of useless rail service realised
2000-09-25    SNP leader John Swinney holds out olive branch
2000-09-25    Private Finance Initiative challenged by Scottish Unions
2000-09-25    Blair admits his massive errors
2000-09-24    poison
2000-09-24    Galbraiths education cover up
2000-09-21    Labours Scottish budget rips Scots off as usual
2000-09-18    Idiot Labour Voters READ this about your London taxes
2000-09-18    Fuel tax still killing drivers in Scotland and England
2000-09-18    Citizenship lessons an affront to Scottish freedom of speech
2000-09-18    Central heating no good if you cant pay your fuel bills
2000-09-17    Westminster taxes you to death then squanders the cash
2000-09-16    Lobbyists sleaze on with Scotland Labour party
2000-09-15    Scottish senior citizens blast Labours neglect
2000-09-15    Scottish friends of the Earth on another planet
2000-09-15    Economic poll shows voters out of touch with reality
2000-09-15    Dewars Labour pipe dream for next year in Scotland
2000-09-15    Blair plans to squash future democratic fuel protest
2000-09-12    Work permits a dumb idea for high tech workers
2000-09-12    Unions see Euro as goal for multinationals
2000-09-12    Troops on the streets for fuel crisis?
2000-09-12    Scotland to implement new standards in wireless safety
2000-09-12    Labours Scottish bully boys show their colours
2000-09-12    Blairs untruths over fuel crisis
2000-09-11    Westminster using Scotlands Seas as nuclear dump
2000-09-11    Scottish academics leave for richer South
2000-09-11    Scotlands Old Age Pensioners poorer under Labour
2000-09-11    Paper wars will hopefully downgrade the Scotsman paper
2000-09-11    New University entrance IQ tests total rubbish
2000-09-11    New Lords may be Labour backers
2000-09-10    SNP may need to leave Edinburgh base
2000-09-10    Scottish Labour caught out over education fiasco
2000-09-10    Blair and British Aerospace guilty of bribe usage?
2000-09-09    Environmentalists isolated in call to keep fuel prices high
2000-09-08    US trade tariffs require strong EU retaliation
2000-09-08    Scottish oil booming but profits go to Westminster
2000-09-08    Scots unrest in workplace still at high levels
2000-09-08    Radioactive waste coming to a rubbish tip near you
2000-09-08    New spending model on healthcare for Scotland
2000-09-07    Labours Scottish education minister neglected his duty?
2000-09-06    Reids stunt shows how Labour is for LONDON not Scotland
2000-09-06    Millennium dome doomed - and about time
2000-09-06    ALL transport is devolved to Scotland - that includes canals
2000-09-05    Computer glitch deprives poor of money
2000-09-04    Tories use the word freedom but have no concept of what it is
2000-09-04    European law protects us and seems to protect convicted child molestors
2000-09-03    Cellular phone masts a hazard and ugly
2000-09-02    Labour has been AT LEAST as bad as Tories for Scotland
2000-08-31    US banana war still hurting Scottish businesses
2000-08-31    Scottish wind farms will be taxed also
2000-08-31    Scottish school exam reporting system a complete foul up
2000-08-31    Labours Monetary Union stance reaches on sense ground at last
2000-08-31    Global warming will lead to mass extinctions of species
2000-08-30    Scottish beaches to be cleaned up?
2000-08-30    Freedom on information in Scotland will be a LIE
2000-08-29    Council watchdog in Scotland all but scrapped
2000-08-28    uniroyal killer McLeish bleats about unemployment
2000-08-27    Wireless video spying by police may be illegal
2000-08-26    Another technology says its safe - but is it?
2000-08-24    Cell phone spying by government illegal and achieves nothing
2000-08-19    VAT-service tax may be coming to tolls in Scotland
2000-08-19    SNP candidates clash over Euro currency
2000-08-19    More Labour leaks in Scotland point to Labour failures
2000-08-19    BP plans to power its deep seas rig from ONSHORE
2000-08-18    Scottish school students blighted by Londons interference
2000-08-17    Algal bloom toxins killing fishing industry
2000-08-16    500 million pounds in benefits wasted by government
2000-08-14    Leaked labour document may be a red herring
2000-08-13    Roadside billboards will SCAR Scotlands landscape
2000-08-13    London lackie John Reid hides truth over Scotland sea sell off
2000-08-12    Poorer students must stay at home during university years
2000-08-12    Labours Scottish membership dying on its feet
2000-08-12    In a pigs eye
2000-08-09    Scottish parliamentary costs remain secret
2000-08-09    Londons new greenhouse tax punish Scotland more than England
2000-08-09    Higher exams in Scotland wrecked through Londons interference
2000-08-06    Monetary autonomy leads to Scottish Labour in-fighting
2000-08-05    Alex Neil SNP leader for independence?
2000-08-04    Scotlands Labour party smug over poll results
2000-07-27    Scottish water bills drown customers
2000-07-22    Scottish transport infrastructure will be ignored by London
2000-07-22    I spy therefore Im in Londons back pocket
2000-07-22    Fiscal independence is bound to happen
2000-07-20    Wales gets its EU money, London steals Scotlands still
2000-07-20    Scots poverty makes death rate as high as poor Romania
2000-07-18    Alex Salmond stands down as SNP leader - fare ye well
2000-07-17    Jim Sillars was right in many ways
2000-07-15    Under sea power turbines coming to Scotlands turbulent seas
2000-07-15    Scots artists of old insulted by Scotlands own national gallery
2000-07-15    Scotlands declaration of independence attacked
2000-07-15    Home office spends millions on new palace
2000-07-14    Irony over Dewars heart treatment
2000-07-12    BBC to be fixed by Labour
2000-07-09    Scotland national parks may be exploited via London led executive
2000-07-04    Taxed to death by Nu-Labour
2000-07-04    Fine me for being too loud?
2000-07-04    Euro pennies from heaven
2000-07-03    Labour councils will be slaughtered in next elections
2000-07-02    Scottish health trust in dire financial straits
2000-07-01    The little Prescott that could
2000-07-01    Let them eat cake
2000-06-25    petrol profits over 300% a gallon
2000-06-25    Higher bridge tolls and road taxes may hit Scots
2000-06-24    Funding to Scotland still fiddled by London
2000-06-22    SNP Blackford versus Salmond
2000-06-21    Private housing bill causes SNP walkout
2000-06-19    Historical Scottish documents rot through neglect
2000-06-18    Dumb Tories equate devolution with independence
2000-06-16    threadbare
2000-06-16    Playing politics will hurt SNP
2000-06-15    Smart cards sell youngsters privacy
2000-06-11    Scottish parliament birthday party cancelled
2000-06-11    Scotlands gaelic speakers get no help from THEIR parliament
2000-06-10    SNP treasurer under pressure to go from SNP executive
2000-06-08    University fees on students still sore point
2000-06-07    Oil giant create another pollution risk
2000-06-07    Genetically altered crop scare continues
2000-05-30    Scotlands giant petrochemical plant fails again
2000-05-30    Labours health plans a scam again
2000-05-30    European money for Scotland still stolen by London
2000-05-29    Plan to tax Scottish motorists is ILLEGAL!
2000-05-28    Oil and Gas rig safety at risk
2000-05-27    Labour lustre dulling as reality hits home
2000-05-24    London thieving from Scotland and proud of it
2000-05-23    Labour hits out at family values
2000-05-23    Edinburgh University suffering under Londons cash tightening
2000-05-23    Church of Scotland condemns London wasting money on millennium dome
2000-05-21    Illness lottery if you live in Scotland
2000-05-20    Sleaze investigator in Westminster under fire
2000-05-16    SNP quite correct to decry Scottish parliament achievements
2000-05-15    Nuclear fuel hazard to return to Scotland?
2000-05-14    Poorest children to be helped by government?
2000-05-09    SNP ahead of Labour and Tories still
2000-05-08    Love bug virus an irrelevance in technically astute environments
2000-05-07    SNP move to ORG internet but its not far enough
2000-05-05    Labour loses in council elections on a grand scale
2000-05-04    Scottish parliament a year older and not wiser
2000-05-04    bank accounts of poorest to be protected?
2000-05-01    Warrants sales will be abolished
2000-05-01    Spying on email illegal under European law
2000-05-01    Glencoe massacre of 1692 pushed aside by rampant commercialism
2000-04-30    Public Safety compromised by tight fisted labour
2000-04-23    Seizure of household goods to pay debts will be banned - we hope
2000-04-21    Scotlands finances still shrouded in London fog
2000-04-21    Londons men seek to destroy Scottish teachers unions
2000-04-21    Chips with everything
2000-04-19    Labour using Euro card to hammer Scots ship builders
2000-04-19    Labour lying over Health spending for Scots
2000-04-14    Scottish student tax puts applicants off
2000-04-13    Scots ship builders hearing Blairs lies
2000-04-13    Ken Livingstone will be EXCELLENT London Mayor
2000-04-13    European cash aid for Scots is diverted
2000-04-13    Blair and Labour making poor poorer faster.
2000-04-11    Wireless stupidity
2000-04-11    Scotlands universities showing class bias?
2000-04-10    London and Labour Scottish executive join to sink Scottish shipping
2000-04-09    Regional development authorities Labour nests - official.
2000-04-09    Merger of Scottish universities shallow ploy to have control them
2000-04-09    council house, poll tax and spin doctors
2000-04-07    Sick and tired of Labours London bred lying?
2000-04-07    Scots drivers want SCO not GB on license plates
2000-04-07    Blair confuses nationhood with NATIONHOOD
2000-04-06    Westminster breaches human rights with breastfeeding ban
2000-04-04    Scotlands new parliament should NOT be built
2000-04-04    Scotland being sold off wholesale
2000-04-04    NHS dying on its feet -Labour doing nothing
2000-04-03    SNP hammer Labour in voting polls
2000-04-02    Head Scots general is English spin doctor
2000-04-01    Council homes to be privatised
2000-03-29    Scots businesses punished by high local taxes
2000-03-29    Scotlands new parliament costs out of control
2000-03-29    Blairs condescending remarks against Scots
2000-03-26    Ex Labour minister hints devolution is failing
2000-03-25    Salmond going too soft over Independence
2000-03-24    Liberal leader wallace squeaks out
2000-03-24    Labour slighted Herald newspaper?
2000-03-20    SNP will NOT need another vote on independence NOR talks
2000-03-20    Children are Scottish, English and Welsh - not British
2000-03-18    Veto right should be stripped from London
2000-03-17    Tories win Ayr - Labour disgraced
2000-03-17    Rover cars demise echoes Uniroyal fiasco
2000-03-13    Satellite spies plan on YOUR car
2000-03-12    Scottish doctors overworked and underpaid
2000-03-11    Poll tax rises as Blair hoards Oil revenue for election lies
2000-03-10    Blair expects Scots to STAY his dumb slaves
2000-03-09    Scots EU aid being stolen by Westminster - its OFFICIAL
2000-03-08    SNP set timetable for COMPLETE independence for Scotland
2000-03-08    Free oil and gas - no more.
2000-03-08    Blairs speech will fall on largely deaf Scottish ears
2000-03-04    SNP reaffirm desire to make Scotland independent
2000-03-03    Labour finance minister in dream land
2000-03-02    Labour screws Unions for cash and bans others
2000-03-01    NHS bled dry to feed private health care
2000-02-27    Scotlands last students rush to beat labour education tax
2000-02-26    Labour shuns unemployed as Tories did before them
2000-02-25    Scotlands new parliament building a waste of cash
2000-02-25    Ferry to Europe will be blocked by Southern English
2000-02-25    Euro Banks in league with London to destroy Scotlands identity
2000-02-24    Edinburgh airport growth NOT an issue for London
2000-02-23    Smacking a child does not make you a bad parent
2000-02-22    Insect like England can keep its queen
2000-02-22    Ayr election will set pace for SNP
2000-02-21    Worm turns against labour in Scotland
2000-02-20    Witch hunt liberals in Scotlands parliament
2000-02-20    Liberals craven over judges appointments
2000-02-14    SNP to expose Londons theft of EU money for Scotland
2000-02-14    Lockheed Martin to manage Scots air space
2000-02-13    Scots health service in Labour induced crisis
2000-02-13    European Convention on Human rights a splendid opportunity for Scots
2000-02-07    Scots ignore the millennium dome
2000-02-06    Why stand for ENGLANDS national anthem?
2000-02-06    Student suicides and Londons complicity
2000-02-06    SNP should let Blair talk nonsense to Scots
2000-02-06    SNP Salmond lambasts Blair
2000-02-05    Time for Labour councils to be disbanded
2000-02-05    Scots still being led like sheep
2000-02-04    Scotlands biggest airport snubbed thanks to London
2000-02-02    A bridge too far
2000-01-31    Blairs MOD and Monica have a lot in common
2000-01-28    Skye bridge tolls to rise again
2000-01-28    Liberals and Labour sell out Scottish students
2000-01-24    Dennis Canavan - once Labour now a free thinker
2000-01-23    Student tax on Scots illegal on two counts
2000-01-23    Blairs hell hounds lean on Robinson over book revelations
2000-01-22    Brits STILL poor but too dumb to realise
2000-01-20    Bank of Englands lunatic Eddie George in Scotland
2000-01-18    Will Scottish patients pay price for health wage rises?
2000-01-18    Scots EU money being STILL being stolen by greedy Westminster
2000-01-17    Labour snubs its Liberal bedmates again
2000-01-17    Labour punishes Scottish motorists again
2000-01-14    Labours NHS handling heavily criticised
2000-01-14    Interest rate hike courtesy of London pummels Scots industry
2000-01-14    Anti Euro currency idiots head for Scotland
2000-01-09    Liberals in Scotland show no backbone over tuition fees
2000-01-09    Labour fears losing council control in Scotland
2000-01-08    Where do you want to go tomorrow?
2000-01-07    Sean Connery deserves the honour for HIMSELF
2000-01-07    charity begins at home, not with marketing people
2000-01-06    Robinsons book about Labour sleaze gets canned
2000-01-06    Londons millennium dome ugly cash losing white elephant
2000-01-05    Spy in sky tracking of cars breaks European Laws
2000-01-05    Scots dying more of cancers
2000-01-05    Labours auto policy damaging Scotland
2000-01-04    Euro BSE case exposes us ALL to the disease
2000-01-03    Millennium dome a diabolical waste of cash in face of poverty
2000-01-02    Blair plans to RIG house of Lords with his cronies
2000-01-01    Dewar rants on about visions for Scotland after 2000
2000-01-01    Bank of England hurting Scots economy