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  independence for Scotland    
2001-12-31    Dvd editor helps brainwash kids
2001-12-30    Racism moves from London to North of England
2001-12-30    Euro currency must be embraced by SNP for Scotlands sake
2001-12-28    Tory party going BUST is fantastic news for Scotland
2001-12-28    Privatised council housing underfunded and sold on a lie
2001-12-28    Inverness by air - no thanks
2001-12-26    Scots imprisoned because they are poor
2001-12-21    Scotland to get ferry link to Belgium
2001-12-21    Postal train routes to be cut?
2001-12-21    Mortgage problems avoided by Mr Postman
2001-12-21    Chip sector hit badly in Central Scotland
2001-12-20    Scottish MSPs get huge pay rises amidst public outrage
2001-12-20    MP to ask for abolition of oath to Queen
2001-12-20    Anti terrorist legislation in "UK" is terrorist in nature itself
2001-12-19    Scottish Executive admits people are being denied access to NHS treatment
2001-12-17    Sex offenders get to hide thanks to Westminster
2001-12-17    Scottish joke of a parliament
2001-12-17    Scotland would be financially solvent when independent
2001-12-16    Scots being ripped off over air travel taxes
2001-12-16    Blood sport fanatics hijack rural issues marches in Scotland
2001-12-14    Scottish children denied health care to make waiting lists appear shorter
2001-11-29    Southern English sadists to fill Scotland with their sick blood lust
2001-11-29    Scottish whisky exports hurt by English taxes
2001-11-29    Scottish landowners HAVE NO RIGHTS to Scotlands soil
2001-11-29    Huge taxes rises coming to "UK" to fund Health Service?
2001-11-28    UK budget offers spin and no substance
2001-11-28    The British Airports Authority may help kill Scottish tourism
2001-11-28    King or puppet, you decide
2001-11-28    Jack the lad rocks Labours Scottish boat
2001-11-28    Council house home sales tax free?
2001-11-27    Access to Scottish countryside opening up again?
2001-11-26    Westminster admits it has wrecked Scotlands health care
2001-11-26    Scottish executive kisses feet of Englands Queen
2001-11-26    Property taxes (poll tax) to rise through the roof
2001-11-26    Mad cow death rates in humans to leap next year
2001-11-26    BBC plans to indoctrinate population through political back door
2001-11-25    Travel infrastructure a mess in "UK"
2001-11-24    USA Super quarry would destroy jewel of Western Isles
2001-11-20    SNP say Labour toys with Scotland
2001-11-20    Scotland not to get tourism minister
2001-11-19    Labour admits Scotland is short of nurses
2001-11-17    New Scottish first minister accused by ex lover of bullying
2001-11-16    Labours spin doctors and political aides suck cash from broke Labour
2001-11-09    McLeish stands down as disclosure of his hidden finances cause uproar
2001-11-02    Liberals reject SNP pact to maintain meagre grasp on power
2001-11-01    Henry McLeish a good example of LABOUR-London sleaze in action
2001-10-31    Helen Liddell preparing to disenfranchise most of Scotland
2001-10-29    Terrorism and cluster bombs
2001-10-29    Private financing of new hospital a total disaster - surprise, surprise!
2001-10-29    Freedom of information veto for McLeish to gag Scottish national interest
2001-10-28    Mad Cow disease spread aided by cheap Scottish meat products
2001-10-27    Scottish Unions get ready to DROP BLAIRS LABOUR PARTY
2001-10-25    Cannabis to be legalised in Scotland and England?
2001-10-24    Drivers will pay JUST to enter city centres
2001-10-23    New England-only football stadium project will be scrapped
2001-10-22    Scots opinions on terrorism don't matter obviously
2001-10-21    Scotlands universities going bust
2001-10-21    Scotland attracts terror filled conferences
2001-10-20    Scots police dont want to have their methods examined
2001-10-19    Scots elderly snubbed as their health care deemed unimportant by London
2001-10-16    Labour MPs do little for their Scottish constiuents
2001-10-14    Labour wants idiot executives to head police force
2001-10-13    Railtrack goes bust and Scotlands railways may be next
2001-10-13    patients head to Europe to jump dismal London promoted NHS queues
2001-10-12    Fish farms causing massive pollution off Scotland
2001-10-07    SNP MUST embrace the Euro
2001-10-07    Green farms may get cash boost at expense of agri-businesses
2001-10-06    Blair promoting indoctrination of religion in schools
2001-09-30    Labour minister turns voters rights into lottery
2001-09-30    Identity cards would not stop terrorist acts
2001-09-25    Scottish school children could eat better if only parliament would let them
2001-09-25    Scottish OAPs (seniors) get rough deal from London
2001-09-25    Michael Russell out of and back into power
2001-09-24    Energy taxes used to help employers not environment
2001-09-23    London threatens Scottish parliament OPENLY
2001-09-23    ID cards a pathetic, illegal and obtrusive response to terrorism
2001-09-17    Fox and Hare hunts to be banned in Scotland
2001-09-16    Qualifications Authority disaster covered up by London supporters
2001-09-15    Public hospitals sold cheap as Blair lets healthcare decline
2001-09-14    Scottish parliament pays tribute to those murdered in NY
2001-09-14    Scots drivers cash taken with legal backing
2001-09-12    Most Scots to be denied access to courts to fight cases
2001-09-10    Scots access to countryside now looks a forlorn hope
2001-09-10    Even Europeans see Scots and English pay too much for petrol
2001-09-09    Scottish executive WILL introduce compulsory time wasteful school testing
2001-09-01    SNP leader Swinney must take the hard line
2001-08-31    Scots disenfranchisement coming to ALL Scots
2001-08-30    A bridge too far
2001-08-27    Mobile phones - BLOCK THEM
2001-08-26    Double standards over declining Scottish health
2001-08-20    Scotland linked by air direct to USA
2001-08-18    Denigration of Scottish identity must be STOPPED NOW
2001-08-14    Private jails show scale of social failure in Scotland
2001-08-14    Blair trying cold war scare tactics over submarines
2001-08-13    Scottish school exams a disaster AGAIN
2001-08-12    Scots business says devolution has failed
2001-08-10    Wind farms get chilly reception
2001-08-09    Scottish farmers waiting on LONDON as usual
2001-08-08    Private road repair firms failing to deliver
2001-08-08    Edinburgh festival mind set needs to spread Scotland wide
2001-08-07    SNP need to show the younger generation what indepedence will bring
2001-08-06    Please Sir can I have some more?
2001-08-05    Private finance initiative FAILING miserably to deliver
2001-08-05    Fake exam results for Scots kids as Education system fails
2001-08-03    Scottish parliamentarians exempt from public scrutiny?
2001-08-03    Dewar and Smith WERE keeping Scotland a Colony for Englands benefit
2001-08-02    Scots will hopefully get more access to THEIR countryside
2001-08-01    laugh, I nearly died.
2001-07-24    Scots see more business head South of border
2001-07-23    Scots women held illegally and against ECHR in Italy
2001-07-22    Glasgow has worst air in Scotland or England
2001-07-21    Whales cash and Japanese sub-culture
2001-07-20    South East England to pay fair share of Council taxes
2001-07-20    NHS failure send people to Europe for treatment
2001-07-20    Foreign teachers fill school posts
2001-07-20    Arch criminal
2001-07-18    Tobacco companies rule Scotland via London
2001-07-15    Dioxin poisons causing cancers in Dundee?
2001-07-15    Craven Liberals will see votes removed
2001-07-15    Birthing in Scotland a nightmare
2001-07-11    Scots ship building a sunken dream
2001-07-10    Riots in England linked to poverty?
2001-07-09    US supports weapons sales
2001-07-08    Labour in London kicks out Scottish Council members
2001-07-07    NO freedom of information bill for Scotland
2001-07-06    Scots die of cancer whilst Blair fiddles
2001-07-05    Tartan day is a bag of wind?
2001-07-04    Scots air links will NOT get strengthened
2001-07-04    Private firms have NO place in health care
2001-07-04    Blair wants a bigger more balanced security council
2001-07-03    Westminster is computer and hi-tech ignorant
2001-07-01    Scots thick as two short planks?
2001-07-01    Pepsi more important than freedom
2001-07-01    Blair to make the innocent into criminals in secret
2001-07-01    Blair can stuff his citizenship lessons up his rear
2001-06-30    Scots high school education is NOW a failure
2001-06-29    Scots to be disenfranchised
2001-06-29    Scotland to be forced into building Nuclear plants
2001-06-28    Scotland air links to world remain tenuous
2001-06-27    Secrecy and the Scottish colony
2001-06-25    Scottish parliament a commodity rather than a place of government
2001-06-24    Tobacco killer promoted by London world wide it seems
2001-06-21    Unelected bodies to be scrapped
2001-06-21    Scots sheriffs to have final say in mortgage repossessions
2001-06-21    Scots Brain Drain BECAUSE OF LONDONS RULE
2001-06-21    Labour and London to disenfranchise MOST Scots
2001-06-21    Euro needed NOW to help Scotlands economy
2001-06-21    Blair spews rhetoric upon which he WONT deliver
2001-06-20    Scotlands wind turbines energy taxed to death
2001-06-20    rambling to be a crime in Scotland?
2001-06-20    Oil industry in Scotland slowing a good thing?
2001-06-20    Hi Tech drop out in Scotland
2001-06-20    Ezzi come Ezzi go a tale on a non-parliament
2001-06-18    Scottish kids on socially acceptable drugs
2001-06-18    A sad day for Scotland and more to come
2001-06-17    Scots accepted 30 pieces of silver for votes
2001-06-17    Scotland the disenfranchised
2001-06-17    MI6 deserve whatever comes to them
2001-06-16    Media will be more ANTI independence
2001-06-15    Labour wants YOU to die of cigarette cancers
2001-06-15    Dead poets society
2001-06-14    Drunk on communion wine?
2001-06-12    Londons plans to strip Scotland of MORE cashflow
2001-06-11    Water privatisation will drown Scots in larger bills
2001-06-11    Lies and more lies from Blairs party
2001-06-11    Labour make Scots a laughing stock as usual
2001-06-10    Blair makes us all USA stooges and targets
2001-06-09    Drunk on communion wine?
2001-06-08    Why the Scots NEED to be Europeans and NOT "Brits"
2001-05-29    Scottish tourism dying
2001-05-29    Private post office would be a disaster
2001-05-29    labour sleaze over Millennum dome
2001-05-29    Blair set to steamroller Euro into "UK"
2001-05-27    Flash in the pan clothing?
2001-05-27    British voters poll to keep stealing Scotlands oil and gas
2001-05-25    Landed gentry control Scotland
2001-05-23    Fishy tale for conservation
2001-05-22    SNP Swinney and English nationalism
2001-05-20    Scottish Socialist Party will harm Scotland in long run
2001-05-14    Blair has contempt for Scots intelligence
2001-05-12    Canal plan for central Scotland a wet dream?
2001-05-11    Lights, camera NO ACTION
2001-05-10    SNP pledges to scrap Scots university tuition fees
2001-05-09    Scotland - the patient is already dead
2001-05-09    Fuel everywhere but its too expensive
2001-05-07    Labours poll lead dwindles in Scotland
2001-05-06    Frog or Prince - Scotlands tourism is dying
2001-05-05    Glaswegians vote Labour even from the unemployment queue
2001-05-04    Startups in Scotland floundering under Labour (Westminster)
2001-05-02    Scotland will be a technological backwater
2001-04-28    Motorola stabs Scotland in back to save $$$$$
2001-04-26    Blairs foot-in-mouth problem to get worse
2001-04-23    Scottish executive exploding at the seams
2001-04-23    Scottish exams will be a FIASCO again
2001-04-23    Robin Cook spouts half baked nonsense
2001-04-23    Americas to open markets as Europe has already done
2001-04-20    Genetic testing and Insurance
2001-04-19    Women don't trust Blair
2001-04-18    Health matters unimportant where profits are concerned
2001-04-17    New Scottish parliament a waste of money
2001-04-10    Trident nuclear subs defend NO ONE
2001-04-10    The international community laughs at the Scots
2001-04-10    Motorola slow down a boon to health
2001-04-10    Education executives get payoff for incompetence
2001-04-10    Double standards over childrens health
2001-04-10    Deaths and liabel for railtrack
2001-04-08    McLeish rants in deluded rose coloured world
2001-04-04    Foot in McLeishs mouth
2001-04-04    Contractor fired as he reveals depth of Scots exams misery
2001-03-30    SNP put independence and European Union at forefront of policy
2001-03-30    Scots voice in Europe fades
2001-03-30    More bull manure than a slaughterhouse, its quango land
2001-03-30    Labour walking on water?
2001-03-30    Green taxes a rip off as USA breaks treaty promises
2001-03-30    From battleships to container ships - Scapa flow
2001-03-30    Cowardly liberals debate university graduate tax
2001-03-30    Blair pleads to American tourists
2001-03-26    With Labour membership falling why not their vote in Scotland?
2001-03-26    Scotland will lose all its tourists
2001-03-26    Extreme capitalists and Anarchists equally disgraceful
2001-03-25    Scottish airways empty and under utilised
2001-03-25    Scots have no government minister for the environment
2001-03-20    No Sec please were Scottish
2001-03-20    Liddell waffles on about Scotland like its a child
2001-03-19    Liberals craven over freedom of information
2001-03-17    Scots to be disenfranchised after general election
2001-03-17    Scots and Northern English slide into deeper poverty
2001-03-13    Scottish exams a disaster that needs legal action NOW
2001-03-13    Labours sour grape attitude in Scotland
2001-03-12    Poverty bites Scots, Labour denies this
2001-03-12    Foot in Mouth disease spreads
2001-03-12    Fishing collapse in Scotland leading to political gutting
2001-03-09    Universities paid for by Scots and used by NON-Scots
2001-03-09    SNP quiz that Labour CANT answer
2001-03-09    Scottish Executive proves its unworthy to lead Scotland
2001-03-09    Scots split almost equally over UK divorce
2001-03-09    British airways to plunge Scottish Islands adrift?
2001-03-09    Blair seems to concede devolution vision flawed
2001-03-08    Asylum seekers and criminality in Westminster itself
2001-03-07    Childhood cancers and Electromagnetic radiation
2001-03-05    Health care for Scots homeless a joke
2001-03-04    SNP overtake Labour in Scotland
2001-03-04    No pain NO gain
2001-02-27    Lung cancer killer of Scots
2001-02-27    Depleted Uranium goes missing in Scottish seas
2001-02-27    Blairs crime scam backfiring
2001-02-26    Tax payers buy trains for Canadian company
2001-02-25    Kosovo the SNP and cowardice
2001-02-22    Number of MPs to be revised?
2001-02-18    Scottish wind farms to get cash boost
2001-02-18    Liddells rant shows Labours lies are transparent
2001-02-18    Labour kills off proportional representation
2001-02-18    Iraq punished to divert attention for US and UK faltering governments
2001-02-18    Blairs speech to Glasgows Labour sheep pathetic
2001-02-17    US style school buses and kids safety
2001-02-16    Stirling council to wreck areas of natural beauty
2001-02-12    US missile defence system makes Scots and English THE target
2001-02-12    Exams authority in Scotland still fouled up
2001-02-12    American spins cloud of lies for Blairs election
2001-02-09    Tax cuts to buy votes
2001-02-09    Road upkeep contracts flawed and overpriced
2001-02-09    Fox hunting like grouse shooting in Scotland
2001-02-09    Divide and rule, Glasgow leaves Scotland councils in the cold
2001-02-09    Autism and the triple vaccination
2001-02-06    The parent trap
2001-02-06    SNP pledge to fight crime with NO cost increases
2001-02-06    One born every minute
2001-02-06    Its not the Xfiles its BSE
2001-02-06    Holiday homes raping the Scottish countryside
2001-02-06    Hard drug dealers cash to be confiscated
2001-02-06    Glasgows residents pounded with new taxes and charges
2001-02-03    Arrogant London tells Scots they HAVE to stay with England
2001-01-31    Rural Scotland - deprived and depressed
2001-01-31    Mother and Father to Scotland - NOT!
2001-01-31    Lockerbie, international crimes and the USA
2001-01-29    Why work at school when you can cheat via cellphone?
2001-01-29    Robert the Bruce gets expensive in swordplay
2001-01-29    Liddell new secretary of state for Scotland - God help us all.
2001-01-26    USA ordering British government and companies around!
2001-01-26    Scots parliament will foot bill for ALL elderly care in Scotland
2001-01-26    Labour surrenders road upkeep to English firm
2001-01-26    Hum in Largs Scotland akin to Taos hum in new Mexico USA
2001-01-26    Give a dog a bone?
2001-01-26    Genetically modified crops given green light for Scotland
2001-01-23    Scotlands main airport may FINALLY be connected to USA
2001-01-23    Labours city entry tax illegal
2001-01-22    We stand for Scotland SNP
2001-01-22    Scots fisherman persuade EU to preserve fish breeding areas
2001-01-22    Pensioners hold key to McLeish future?
2001-01-22    Labour doesnt want the truth on TV
2001-01-22    Blairs poodle returns to his masters lap
2001-01-22    Animal drug testing unpleasant but necessary
2001-01-18    SNP need to show how contrived Scotlands parliament is
2001-01-18    Rose coloured glasses for Scottish colony
2001-01-18    Mad cows in Westminster
2001-01-18    Labour and Tories scratch each others backs in Scotland
2001-01-16    Home repossesions on ice?
2001-01-15    SNP close gap on Labour in vote poll
2001-01-15    Salmond to stay at Westminster and not Holyrood
2001-01-15    People want entire train system OUT of the private sector
2001-01-15    MI6 is NOT for freedom
2001-01-15    Law suits coming over use of depleted uranium
2001-01-15    220 million pounds for UK social problems
2001-01-14    McLeish spins out of control
2001-01-11    London tells Scots you have NO government
2001-01-11    Alex Salmond to stay put in Westminster
2001-01-10    Scotland has NO GOVERNMENT its a poodle to London
2001-01-10    Depleted Uranium threat to Scotlands seas
2001-01-08    Wireless cash excluded from free Scotland calculations
2001-01-08    McLeish is right about hard choices
2001-01-08    Libraries to stay open at whose expense?
2001-01-08    Labours fuel tax still crippling Scots and English alike
2001-01-08    Labour accepting cash for favours it seems
2001-01-08    Interest rate bribe on the way
2001-01-08    Buying your Scottish vote is the Labour way
2001-01-04    Queen Elizabeth the first of the UK 50 years on
2001-01-04    Lord gives 2 million to labour
2001-01-04    Fishy tale over Salmon health
2001-01-01    SNP supporters disenfranchised, Labour cash stays secret