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  independence for Scotland    

1997-12-09    Labour still power mad over Scotland
1997-12-08    Blairs thugs get tough
1997-12-04    Scotland gets spin doctor
1997-12-03    Labour loses sight of democracy
1997-12-03    Labour hitting savers
1997-11-25    Scotsman paper sees through Labour
1997-11-18    Does Labour have vested interests in BA (British Airways?)
1997-11-17    Labour pledges cleanliness
1997-11-12    Labour will starve Scotland of cash
1997-11-07    Labour losing ground to Scottish Nationalists
1997-11-06    Glasgow residents face bleak New Year
1997-10-31    Labour starts Stalinist purge?
1997-10-29    Labour Euro MPs ordered to shut up
1997-10-29    English lord decries Scots
1997-10-27    Scottish parliament snubbed
1997-10-23    Blair attacks Scottish MEP
1997-10-22    Labour wants lobbyists in Scotlands parliament
1997-10-22    Blair a man with no respect for Scotland
1997-10-10    Labour being less than open about parliament site
1997-10-08    Scottish Museum suffers under Labour
1997-10-07    Tories admit they are conceited
1997-09-24    Labour breaking manifesto pledges
1997-09-24    Edinburgh Labour Council Untrustworthy
1997-09-24    British Airways - too big for their own boots
1997-09-17    Sussexman - the missing link?
1997-09-17    Blair turns down salary raise
1997-07-23    Dewar refuses to bale out councils over pay deal
1997-05-20    Blair quotes, some about Scotland...
1997-05-15    Speaker not consulted on Question Time switch
1997-05-15    Some of Balirs promises to Scotland
1997-05-08    Dewar is urged to move stone
1997-05-03    The Labour Party Manifesto for the 1997 " UK " General Election