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  independence for Scotland    

1998-10-21    Expelled Labour MP to publish Londons secrets
1998-10-19    Unions in Labours pocket?
1998-10-19    Another illegal tax from London on the Scots
1998-10-13    Labour wants electoral funding cap
1998-10-02    Freedom of information - halted by Labour
1998-10-01    Blair attacks SNP - but falls short
1998-09-21    Labours key stoolpigeon in Scotland full of it
1998-09-17    Labour tries fear tactics again
1998-09-14    Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze
1998-09-14    Labour places Union Leaders in power positions
1998-09-06    Even Scottish labour Supporters Want Independence
1998-09-03    Labours bad mouthing SNP backfires
1998-09-01    Labours Tory Tax policy
1998-08-11    Labours selection policy biased towards London line over Scotland
1998-07-19    Labour appoints new anti SNP spin doctress
1998-07-10    Blairs Scottish trip a sad joke
1998-07-09    Oil companies threatened by Labour
1998-07-02    Blairs attitude - Blairs downfall
1998-06-23    Blair refuses to yield selection criteria
1998-06-22    Labour Sleazes on
1998-06-19    Blair hamstrings Scottish parliament even further
1998-06-17    SNP team to remove Labour from Scotland
1998-06-11    Scots rejecting London at long last
1998-05-21    Murdoch elected Prime Minister?
1998-05-15    What Scots Say About New Labour NOW
1998-05-01    London slights Scots technical know how
1998-05-01    Labours 20 greatest lies
1998-04-21    Scottish unions sceptical about private funding
1998-04-20    Sean Connery and lack of knighthood
1998-04-07    Labour moves to limit Scottish Parliament
1998-04-02    Labour exclude SNP from information
1998-02-04    More vote fixing from Blair-Labour
1998-02-02    Labour spies on Scots more
1998-02-02    Labour sleaze in motion
1998-01-23    Labours lie to get aired again
1998-01-23    Labour continues vote fixing
1998-01-18    more labour election sleaze
1998-01-16    Blair rigs Scottish voting direction
1998-01-12    Blair (Labour) family attack continues
1998-01-09    London seeks farming veto over Scotland