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  independence for Scotland    

1999-12-14    US star wars facility makes us a target
1999-12-12    Americans fear the demise of NATO
1999-12-02    New warship deal leaves Scottish shipbuilders shortchanged
1999-11-26    Lockhead Martin crashes space craft and builds Nukes
1999-11-18    New terrorism bill too sweeping in what defines a terrorist act
1999-10-31    China crack down on freedom of association - Blair probably approves
1999-10-29    Labour ex lord advocate says Trident IS illegal
1999-09-03    Scotlands Lord Advocate (attorney general) asked to resign
1999-08-12    Clydeside shipbuilding thrown a bone
1999-07-30    Labour will use danger to society bill to crush free speech
1999-07-20    Psychopaths where you say?
1999-07-01    Labours gun running to Africa criticised
1999-06-18    MI6, Dewar and London a law unto themselves?
1999-06-02    European defence initiative yes NATO no.
1999-04-30    labour still sore over SNP comments on Kosovo
1999-04-02    SNP comments on Serbian bombing echoed in USA AND Belgrade
1999-03-30    SNP leader Alex Salmond outspoken on Kosovo
1999-03-08    SNP would side with but not be a part of NATO
1999-02-01    Labours killing the army
1999-01-18    SNP to calm Englands nerves over Scottish independence
1999-01-04    SNP defence policy gaff