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  independence for Scotland    

1999-12-16    SNP point out more taxes on Scots courtesy of Labour
1999-12-16    Scots jobless total has NOT decreased
1999-12-15    Scots farmers stabbed in back by London
1999-12-15    Scots being lied to as usual over economic health
1999-12-12    SNP member calls for new home tax
1999-11-19    labour taxing us ALL to death, Scots and English alike
1999-11-18    Westminster backs down over internet spying
1999-11-11    Labours idiot tax plan will kill Information technology leaders
1999-11-11    Labour has hiked tax rates
1999-10-31    PFI initiative will now be proven OVER PRICED and of poor tax value
1999-10-29    Scots should allow French to certify Scots beef as safe
1999-10-08    Labour stealing EU money from the Scots
1999-10-04    Sleaze probe will bypass Donald Dewars veto
1999-09-29    Blairs crocodile tears as he begs for second term as PM
1999-09-27    Investment into Scotland TO BE RIGGED BY LONDON FROM NOW ON
1999-09-21    BSE is STILL here so the ban cant be lifted
1999-09-20    SNP leader wants to keep back tax cut to fund Public services
1999-09-16    SNP should promise petroleum tax reform
1999-09-05    SNP will not withhold tax cuts to Scots
1999-09-03    Economists warn chancellor not to use tax cut bribes
1999-08-30    Scots budget FIXED at 16 billion
1999-08-27    Feudal land owning system in Scotland to come to an end
1999-08-26    Labour spending less on public services than Thatcher ever did
1999-08-23    SNP need to be clear independence NOT devolution
1999-08-20    Scots tire makers plight ignored by government
1999-08-19    How many more snubs must Scotland endure
1999-08-13    SNPs Salmond could recoup tax cut another way
1999-08-12    SNP may review taxation policy
1999-08-10    Pay Londons taxes and stay a technological backwater
1999-08-09    Scots funding under more pressure soon
1999-08-06    Scottish oil continues to fund Westminster at Scots expense
1999-08-06    Labour spends packet on lies
1999-08-05    Scotland the unemployed
1999-08-03    Scottish tourism the poor boy of small European states
1999-07-29    Liddell moved to DTI will affect Scotlands ability to compete
1999-07-28    labours new deal for the young just cheap Labour
1999-07-27    SNP highlight inward investment scam in Scotland
1999-07-20    Labour spin doctors PRO Scottish Office
1999-07-06    Goodbye Scottish shipbuilding
1999-07-01    Scottish investment to be vetoed by London as predicted
1999-06-28    Spin for the unemployed BUT NO JOBS
1999-06-25    PFI institutions MAY be given back to public sector
1999-06-23    Scottish Widows pension SELLING OUT to London
1999-06-22    LIFFE futures exchange and riots
1999-06-22    Barnett formula and cuts for Scotland
1999-06-21    Scottish businessmen lack-lustre?
1999-06-18    Scottish tax refund heading for a cut
1999-06-11    Genetically modified luddites
1999-06-08    SNP to take Londons stealing of Scottish waters to EU
1999-06-03    Scots demand oil rich sea is returned to Scottish control
1999-05-26    SNP WRONG over beef ban
1999-05-23    Wages for subjugation - Scotlands folly
1999-05-20    As I predicted Scotlands cash from London is to be cut
1999-05-19    No minister for tourism in Scotland
1999-05-15    London STEALING sea, oil and gas from Scots
1999-05-04    Labour and Liberals carving up Scotland
1999-04-27    Scottish salmon industry to die London doesn't care
1999-04-26    Costs and independence
1999-04-23    labours Gordon Brown will inflict Londons will on Scotland
1999-04-22    Another economic report shows light for independent Scotland
1999-04-21    Salmond highlights his hopes for Scotland in London club
1999-04-21    Labour allowing Scots economy to die on its feet
1999-04-21    Independent Scotland better off say Scottish Tories
1999-04-20    Scottish office covering up for London AGAIN
1999-04-20    Labour ILLEGALY threatening Scottish Trade if Independence should happen
1999-04-19    Labours ex-Scot Gordon Brown(ose)
1999-04-16    Scottish economy sustainable after independence
1999-04-16    London putting squeeze on Scots economy AS PREDICTED
1999-04-14    Scottish ship building finished?
1999-04-08    USA needs to learn some respect for the E.U.
1999-04-08    Labour speech highlights their own tax lies
1999-04-02    SNP would boost health and education in REAL TERMS
1999-04-01    Rural Scots hit hardest by rampant price increases
1999-03-31    Accountants say London lied about its tax claims
1999-03-24    Labour RAISED taxes by abolishing mortgage relief
1999-03-23    Labour will INCREASE TAXES
1999-03-22    England to be allowed unfettered inward investment schemes
1999-03-22    Bank of Scotland dealing with USA Christian fascists
1999-03-19    Labour uses civil servants to push tax lies on Scots
1999-03-18    Labour voters VOTE FOR MORE UNEMPLOYMENT
1999-03-18    Labour thinks SNP tax policy will drive voters to Labour
1999-03-17    SNP tax position hasn't upset many people
1999-03-12    The Common Agricultural fiasco
1999-03-12    SNP claim they can get spend more with no tax changes
1999-03-12    Labour lackies in the White House
1999-03-10    Third way budget for third way britain
1999-03-10    Fishy tale of Brest, Bass and Scots
1999-03-08    USA a wolf in lambs clothing
1999-03-08    Salmon farmers abandoned as rotten beef gets precedence
1999-03-05    Scots pay more to fuel their cars and businesses
1999-02-14    Scots Oil and Gas to finance independent Scotlands entry into European Community
1999-02-09    SNP may affirm it WONT raise taxes under tartan regime
1999-02-09    Labour washes it hands of National Insurance safety net control
1999-02-09    Labour abandons Scottish Salmon farmers
1999-02-02    Pay rises get Labour into deep trouble
1999-01-28    Labour do well in English poll of voters
1999-01-25    USA trys to cudgel EU into submission
1999-01-22    Massive oil and gas reserves and yet Scotsman paper sides with London
1999-01-22    Labours Liddell piddling around with Scottish peoples cash
1999-01-20    Bank of England - blowing hot air
1999-01-19    Some Scots businessmen concerned over having their freedom back
1999-01-15    Scottish oil Labour claims there isnt enough
1999-01-02    Euro launch shows how weak Sterling really is