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  independence for Scotland    

1999-12-12    Helsinki accord commits Blair to dumping the over valued pound
1999-11-11    SNPs Salmond calls for dumping of the pound
1999-11-11    Scots flag Europe and NOT Westminster in MORI poll
1999-11-11    Labour NOT representing Scotland in Europe
1999-10-20    Scots to be robbed of Euro aid by London
1999-10-18    SNP hammers Scotlands exclusion from Europe
1999-10-18    No vetos on EU policy will be permitted
1999-10-13    Think tank hammers Scottish independence
1999-10-13    Scotlands useless European office opens today
1999-10-11    SNP labour and Liberals in Scotland agree to promote Euro
1999-09-06    Robin Cook pushed Euro on Blairs behalf
1999-09-01    Scots are heretics say fundamentalist Anglicans
1999-08-23    Robin Cook and not Blair to push for Monetary Union
1999-08-23    Even Unions want the Euro to replace the pound
1999-07-27    Blair - two years on and still delaying joining the Euro
1999-06-29    Blair sitting on fence AGAIN over Euro
1999-06-21    Blair back-peddling over Euro currency
1999-06-14    Xenophobic English back anti-Euro currency pledges
1999-06-11    Euro election turnout low
1999-06-07    Scotsman paper helped downgrade Scotlands voice in Europe
1999-06-07    More lies about the Euro from London and its Scottish media
1999-06-07    European elections a chance to snub Blair and his deceptions
1999-06-03    Blair waits to see Euro value drop
1999-06-01    Euro under fire from dollar and pound
1999-05-28    Tories would quit EU
1999-05-28    Bank of Englands Eddie tense over Euro
1999-05-20    Blair praises Thatcher and sidesteps Euro currency
1999-04-14    SNP publish new figures for Independent Scotland
1999-03-26    Smaller European countries do well in EU budgets
1999-03-23    USA tries to muscle hormone ridden beef into European Union
1999-03-19    Social chapter rhetoric from Blair but no results
1999-03-19    Labours paper in Scotland (the Scotsman) decries Europe
1999-03-17    Tories still anti Euro currency
1999-03-17    European commission - or commissioned?
1999-03-05    USA sulking over bananas Scottish jobs at risk
1999-03-03    EU refund for London - a compromise?
1999-02-10    Labour to setup straw house embassy for Scotland in Brussels
1999-01-03    Germany hails Euro London bemoans it- as usual