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  independence for Scotland    

1999-12-04    Labour plundering oil revenue as bribe money
1999-11-28    Labour using dirty union money to fight election
1999-11-27    Nu Labour has more rocks in its head than in space
1999-10-31    Generational peers gone AT LAST - but one caveat
1999-10-22    Scots judge backs 'lawbreakers' who used international law over UK law
1999-10-20    Chinas premier sees Blairs anti democracy side
1999-10-18    Orwellian Blair set to invade your privacy
1999-10-18    Labour takes union cash and disenfranchises others
1999-10-18    Blairs veto means Scots have NO SAY in their country any more
1999-10-14    Blair to learn from Chinese on public suppression
1999-10-13    Scots sold down the river
1999-10-08    Labour wants to control internet media for political ends
1999-10-01    Scotsman paper gets some of its fire back in its belly
1999-10-01    Labour conference a stage managed plastic fiasco
1999-09-27    STOP all lobbyists in Holyroods sleaze land
1999-09-24    Expect spin and twaddle from labour party conference
1999-09-20    Labour misleads Liberals to keep their bed warm
1999-09-15    Westminster use tax to fund Indonesian governmental murders
1999-09-06    Tobacco lobby should be kicked out from Scotland with their drugs
1999-09-02    McLeish STILL misleading Scotland about continental tire plant
1999-08-31    Hamilton South by-election may well go to SNP
1999-08-30    Scottish television will get its marching orders from London
1999-08-30    Lobbyists to slither down Scotlands parliaments corridors
1999-08-30    Labours diktats arrive to subdue the Scottish population
1999-08-23    Labours lies in Scotland starting to backfire
1999-08-19    Human Rights convention breached by Westminster?
1999-08-17    Blair to spend taxpayers cash on Downing Street spin doctors
1999-08-16    Labours cash take points to pecuniary irregularities
1999-08-13    Coastguard closures in Scotland will lead to deaths
1999-08-01    Blair turns his back on space station and heads for Mars
1999-07-28    Political contributions need monitored NOT curtailed
1999-07-27    Labour to curn all party funding except their own
1999-07-27    Labours Scottish presence weaker by the day
1999-07-23    Fake fight over Scots slice of EU funding
1999-07-18    Conservatives set to keep Scotlands MPS out of Westminster
1999-07-06    Scottish government split
1999-07-04    Labour council in Stirling should be ashamed
1999-06-29    SNP MPs having to pay for their own office staff
1999-06-28    Scottish labour supporters denied chance to air views on London
1999-06-25    Blair appoints fund giving friend to direct the BBC
1999-06-22    London veto will keep secrets from Scots and their government
1999-06-21    Labour planning next general election already
1999-06-20    Labour rose to go - Janus to replace?
1999-06-17    Labours puppet Scottish parliament failing to address real issues
1999-06-14    UK independence party of xenophobs
1999-06-09    Labour creates non level cash funding in Scotland
1999-06-07    Scottish parliament to stamp out sleaze we hope
1999-06-04    Scottish government almost collapses
1999-06-03    Conservatives and SNP say Labour is suffocating democracy at Birth in Scotland
1999-05-28    Time to analyze WHERE all the cash came from
1999-05-25    Scotsman paper finally sees flaws in Labour
1999-05-24    No freedom of information for Scotland or England
1999-05-24    London labour tightens grip on Scots
1999-04-29    Scotlands Herald Newspaper the SNP and jingoism
1999-04-28    Blair keeps his minion Liddell quiet
1999-04-27    Corrupt Labour will lose 1500 council seats
1999-04-22    Westminster blackmailing Scottish Unions
1999-04-09    Blair - arrogance personified
1999-04-07    Scots not good enough to be free - according to Labour
1999-04-06    Labour lying about Scotland as usual
1999-04-05    Labour and Tory alike snub democratic process for Scotland
1999-03-29    Lording over us
1999-03-26    BBC says it will not bow to spin doctors
1999-03-18    Dewar snubs Scots on St.Patricks day in Washington
1999-03-14    Labour fueling murderous regimes
1999-03-04    London to VETO Scottish parliament - as predicted
1999-02-23    Labour peers fail to support their party
1999-02-20    Labour leadership RIGGING its Scottish manifesto for May vote
1999-02-20    Braveheart snubbed by British film institute
1999-02-14    Labour to continue SPYING on Scots more
1999-02-09    Nu labour scared of Old Labours Ken Livingstone
1999-02-04    Scots MSPs to be excluded from English matters
1999-02-02    Scots to be denied fair access to law courts
1999-02-01    Labours chief whip in Edinburgh a right winger
1999-01-28    Ex Labour cabinet minister slams New Labour
1999-01-27    Where is Labour getting 5 million pounds ($8million) from?
1999-01-25    SNP will win Leaked Labour memo implies
1999-01-25    Labour trying to hide its sleaze
1999-01-20    Labour MAKES GOOD for once on Lords promise
1999-01-18    Members of Scottish parliament being forced to support Queen
1999-01-15    Churchmen steeped in politics
1999-01-14    Labour forces SNP cash drive climbdown
1999-01-09    Labour and its puppets in a panic
1999-01-02    The (anti) Scotsman newspaper is in Labours proverbial pocket