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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-22    Scots ripped by London - official figures
2000-12-22    Jobs bribe for votes
2000-12-19    Child porn on increase in West Scotland
2000-12-17    To hell with American controlled NATO
2000-12-04    London tries to spy on us all again
2000-11-20    Trident missile shoot down Tommy Sheridan
2000-11-11    White lines of cocaine explain Westminsters weirdnes?
2000-11-06    Scots national police force scrapped
2000-11-02    Sex NO DRUGS and rock and roll
2000-10-22    Police with guns on Englands streets
2000-10-07    Curfews for teens in UK a step towards fascism?
2000-09-10    Scottish Labour caught out over education fiasco
2000-09-04    European law protects us and seems to protect convicted child molestors
2000-08-27    Wireless video spying by police may be illegal
2000-08-24    Cell phone spying by government illegal and achieves nothing
2000-07-04    Fine me for being too loud?
2000-06-15    Smart cards sell youngsters privacy
2000-05-01    Warrants sales will be abolished
2000-05-01    Spying on email illegal under European law
2000-04-19    Labour using Euro card to hammer Scots ship builders
2000-04-13    Scots ship builders hearing Blairs lies
2000-04-02    Head Scots general is English spin doctor
2000-02-23    Smacking a child does not make you a bad parent
2000-02-20    Liberals craven over judges appointments
2000-01-31    Blairs MOD and Monica have a lot in common
2000-01-03    Millennium dome a diabolical waste of cash in face of poverty