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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-28    happy new year mr petrol man
2000-12-28    Cargo handling for train loading in Scotland
2000-12-22    Tax on cars in city centres probably illegal
2000-12-15    Clinton blind to world poverty
2000-11-20    Taxes up 10% under Labour
2000-11-16    Millennium disasters in London continue
2000-11-12    SNP want greater control over Scottish taxation
2000-11-12    Scottish Politics professor digs himself a hole
2000-11-11    Scottish tourism on the rocks
2000-11-11    Scottish beef industry labeled with Englands BSE madness
2000-11-11    Scotland to get World Trade Association office
2000-11-09    Fuel duty cut shows Labour does not care about public opinion
2000-11-07    Fuel tax rip off to stay says Labour
2000-10-22    Huge cash surplus from Scottish oil and wireless cancers
2000-10-20    Motorists organisations highlight need for TAX CUT on fuel
2000-10-17    Scottish ship building hopes sink
2000-10-07    Food is expensive because FUEL is expensive
2000-10-06    SNP hit Labour over 75% fuel tax
2000-10-04    Scots tourism on a slippery slope
2000-10-02    Iraq has pointed to way forward to a super-strong Euro
2000-10-02    Creation of science park in Glasgow has some drawbacks
2000-09-27    Scottish oil production increase could help squeeze OPEC
2000-09-18    Idiot Labour Voters READ this about your London taxes
2000-09-18    Fuel tax still killing drivers in Scotland and England
2000-09-17    Westminster taxes you to death then squanders the cash
2000-09-15    Economic poll shows voters out of touch with reality
2000-09-15    Dewars Labour pipe dream for next year in Scotland
2000-09-15    Blair plans to squash future democratic fuel protest
2000-09-12    Work permits a dumb idea for high tech workers
2000-09-12    Troops on the streets for fuel crisis?
2000-09-08    US trade tariffs require strong EU retaliation
2000-09-08    Scottish oil booming but profits go to Westminster
2000-09-08    Scots unrest in workplace still at high levels
2000-09-06    Millennium dome doomed - and about time
2000-09-05    Computer glitch deprives poor of money
2000-09-02    Labour has been AT LEAST as bad as Tories for Scotland
2000-08-31    US banana war still hurting Scottish businesses
2000-08-28    uniroyal killer McLeish bleats about unemployment
2000-08-17    Algal bloom toxins killing fishing industry
2000-08-16    500 million pounds in benefits wasted by government
2000-08-12    In a pigs eye
2000-07-15    Home office spends millions on new palace
2000-07-04    Taxed to death by Nu-Labour
2000-06-25    petrol profits over 300% a gallon
2000-06-24    Funding to Scotland still fiddled by London
2000-06-16    threadbare
2000-06-07    Genetically altered crop scare continues
2000-05-30    Scotlands giant petrochemical plant fails again
2000-05-29    Plan to tax Scottish motorists is ILLEGAL!
2000-05-28    Oil and Gas rig safety at risk
2000-05-24    London thieving from Scotland and proud of it
2000-05-23    Church of Scotland condemns London wasting money on millennium dome
2000-05-08    Love bug virus an irrelevance in technically astute environments
2000-04-23    Seizure of household goods to pay debts will be banned - we hope
2000-04-21    Scotlands finances still shrouded in London fog
2000-04-21    Chips with everything
2000-04-10    London and Labour Scottish executive join to sink Scottish shipping
2000-04-07    Sick and tired of Labours London bred lying?
2000-03-29    Scots businesses punished by high local taxes
2000-03-17    Rover cars demise echoes Uniroyal fiasco
2000-03-11    Poll tax rises as Blair hoards Oil revenue for election lies
2000-03-08    Free oil and gas - no more.
2000-03-03    Labour finance minister in dream land
2000-02-26    Labour shuns unemployed as Tories did before them
2000-02-21    Worm turns against labour in Scotland
2000-02-14    SNP to expose Londons theft of EU money for Scotland
2000-02-07    Scots ignore the millennium dome
2000-01-28    Skye bridge tolls to rise again
2000-01-22    Brits STILL poor but too dumb to realise
2000-01-20    Bank of Englands lunatic Eddie George in Scotland
2000-01-17    Labour punishes Scottish motorists again
2000-01-14    Interest rate hike courtesy of London pummels Scots industry
2000-01-04    Euro BSE case exposes us ALL to the disease
2000-01-01    Bank of England hurting Scots economy