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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-21    Scots teachers misled in salary negotiations
2000-12-05    Scottish University staff to take strike action over pay
2000-12-05    Sam Galbraith IS too blame for exams fiasco
2000-12-01    Negligent Labour ministers walk away free from their mess
2000-11-03    Resignations over school exams fiacso NOT GOOD ENOUGH
2000-10-19    Scotlands high school exams system in tatters
2000-10-17    Edinburgh University dying under Labours public spending cuts
2000-10-15    Classroom sizes increases dramatically under Labour
2000-10-06    Scottish parliament a shambles as Labour stays tight lipped
2000-09-18    Citizenship lessons an affront to Scottish freedom of speech
2000-09-11    Scottish academics leave for richer South
2000-09-11    New University entrance IQ tests total rubbish
2000-09-07    Labours Scottish education minister neglected his duty?
2000-08-31    Scottish school exam reporting system a complete foul up
2000-08-18    Scottish school students blighted by Londons interference
2000-08-12    Poorer students must stay at home during university years
2000-08-09    Higher exams in Scotland wrecked through Londons interference
2000-06-11    Scotlands gaelic speakers get no help from THEIR parliament
2000-06-08    University fees on students still sore point
2000-05-23    Edinburgh University suffering under Londons cash tightening
2000-04-21    Londons men seek to destroy Scottish teachers unions
2000-04-14    Scottish student tax puts applicants off
2000-04-11    Scotlands universities showing class bias?
2000-04-09    Merger of Scottish universities shallow ploy to have control them
2000-02-27    Scotlands last students rush to beat labour education tax
2000-02-06    Student suicides and Londons complicity
2000-01-28    Liberals and Labour sell out Scottish students
2000-01-23    Student tax on Scots illegal on two counts
2000-01-09    Liberals in Scotland show no backbone over tuition fees
2000-01-08    Where do you want to go tomorrow?