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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-22    Toyota highlights why the pound must go soon
2000-12-22    Photos of celebrities hidden from us today, what tomorrow?
2000-12-06    NATO will become a relic
2000-12-01    EU gives cash aid to Scotland
2000-11-29    Blair makes positive Euro statement
2000-11-27    European convention set up as fall guy
2000-11-20    USA comments on Euro army out of line
2000-11-12    British cyber cops a step away from being prosecuted themselves
2000-10-11    Scotlands influence in Europe NON EXISTENT
2000-10-07    Persuading the plebs the Euro is necessary
2000-10-04    Work email and calls to be spied on in UK
2000-10-03    Blair trys to fog Human rights issue
2000-09-26    Denmark likely to say to Euro
2000-09-12    Unions see Euro as goal for multinationals
2000-08-31    Labours Monetary Union stance reaches on sense ground at last
2000-08-19    SNP candidates clash over Euro currency
2000-07-20    Wales gets its EU money, London steals Scotlands still
2000-07-04    Euro pennies from heaven
2000-05-30    European money for Scotland still stolen by London
2000-04-13    European cash aid for Scots is diverted
2000-03-18    Veto right should be stripped from London
2000-03-09    Scots EU aid being stolen by Westminster - its OFFICIAL
2000-02-25    Euro Banks in league with London to destroy Scotlands identity
2000-02-13    European Convention on Human rights a splendid opportunity for Scots
2000-01-18    Scots EU money being STILL being stolen by greedy Westminster
2000-01-14    Anti Euro currency idiots head for Scotland