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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-22    Falkirk by-election sees Labour victorious by tiny margin
2000-12-19    SNP debate on TV and Labours lies
2000-12-19    Sir Sean Connery blocked from helping Scottish Independence
2000-12-07    Independent Scots would be far wealthier on average
2000-12-01    Election debates will be stage managed
2000-11-22    Dennis Canavan a Labour target again?
2000-11-22    By-elections a chance for Scots to start ditching Labour
2000-11-20    Scots better of as an independent state
2000-11-17    Scotlands profile in the USA and Alex Salmond
2000-11-12    New Yorks ex Governor tells Scots to take destiny into their OWN hands
2000-11-07    New Kids on the block would help Europe
2000-11-02    McLeish as secretive as ever over Scotlands government
2000-10-17    Will London put a YES man in charge of Scotland
2000-10-06    Cowardly Scottish Liberals lick Londons boots AGAIN
2000-10-02    SNP set to hammer Labour in May elections
2000-09-26    Human Rights Law lets us DEMAND proof of claimed Westminster subsidies
2000-09-25    SNP leader John Swinney holds out olive branch
2000-09-24    poison
2000-09-21    Labours Scottish budget rips Scots off as usual
2000-08-13    London lackie John Reid hides truth over Scotland sea sell off
2000-08-09    Scottish parliamentary costs remain secret
2000-08-05    Alex Neil SNP leader for independence?
2000-07-22    Fiscal independence is bound to happen
2000-07-18    Alex Salmond stands down as SNP leader - fare ye well
2000-07-17    Jim Sillars was right in many ways
2000-07-15    Scotlands declaration of independence attacked
2000-06-22    SNP Blackford versus Salmond
2000-06-18    Dumb Tories equate devolution with independence
2000-06-16    Playing politics will hurt SNP
2000-06-11    Scottish parliament birthday party cancelled
2000-06-10    SNP treasurer under pressure to go from SNP executive
2000-05-16    SNP quite correct to decry Scottish parliament achievements
2000-05-09    SNP ahead of Labour and Tories still
2000-05-07    SNP move to ORG internet but its not far enough
2000-05-04    Scottish parliament a year older and not wiser
2000-05-01    Glencoe massacre of 1692 pushed aside by rampant commercialism
2000-04-07    Blair confuses nationhood with NATIONHOOD
2000-04-04    Scotlands new parliament should NOT be built
2000-04-03    SNP hammer Labour in voting polls
2000-03-29    Scotlands new parliament costs out of control
2000-03-29    Blairs condescending remarks against Scots
2000-03-26    Ex Labour minister hints devolution is failing
2000-03-25    Salmond going too soft over Independence
2000-03-20    SNP will NOT need another vote on independence NOR talks
2000-03-20    Children are Scottish, English and Welsh - not British
2000-03-17    Tories win Ayr - Labour disgraced
2000-03-08    SNP set timetable for COMPLETE independence for Scotland
2000-02-22    Insect like England can keep its queen
2000-02-22    Ayr election will set pace for SNP
2000-02-06    Why stand for ENGLANDS national anthem?
2000-02-06    SNP should let Blair talk nonsense to Scots
2000-02-05    Scots still being led like sheep
2000-02-02    A bridge too far
2000-01-07    Sean Connery deserves the honour for HIMSELF