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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-17    Scotlands New Year switched off
2000-11-27    Train accidents show privatisation has failed
2000-11-16    Blairs plans to privatise air traffic control break devolution act
2000-11-11    Train wrecks derailing Labour
2000-10-30    Air traffic control nearing disaster levels
2000-10-20    Rail safety a killing game
2000-10-19    Private rail industry killing us off
2000-09-25    Thatchers dream of useless rail service realised
2000-09-06    ALL transport is devolved to Scotland - that includes canals
2000-08-19    VAT-service tax may be coming to tolls in Scotland
2000-07-22    Scottish transport infrastructure will be ignored by London
2000-07-01    The little Prescott that could
2000-06-25    Higher bridge tolls and road taxes may hit Scots
2000-04-30    Public Safety compromised by tight fisted labour
2000-04-07    Scots drivers want SCO not GB on license plates
2000-03-13    Satellite spies plan on YOUR car
2000-02-25    Ferry to Europe will be blocked by Southern English
2000-02-24    Edinburgh airport growth NOT an issue for London
2000-02-14    Lockheed Martin to manage Scots air space
2000-01-05    Labours auto policy damaging Scotland