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  independence for Scotland    

2000-12-24    Nepotism in Scotlands parliament?
2000-12-22    1984 coming to a country near you
2000-12-19    Glasgow mistakenly leaves managed council umbrella
2000-12-15    Scottish TV watchdog orders level air time playing field
2000-12-15    Labour cronies now control BBC news and other media
2000-12-06    Labours goodlife leaves thousands homeless in Scotland
2000-12-04    Bombing party better than SNP according to London
2000-12-01    McLeish in a dream world
2000-12-01    Labour closes down democratic vote
2000-12-01    Jim Wallace - no friend to the Scots people
2000-11-27    Millennium madness and football madness
2000-11-27    John Reid blowing in the wind
2000-11-20    Hague says English dont want Scots voting
2000-11-20    By-elections show Labour running scared and lying
2000-11-20    British foreign minister insults Scotland
2000-11-20    Blairs stance on Human Rights is disgusting
2000-11-19    London would plunge Scotland into darkness
2000-11-12    labour regarded by one and all as sleaze pit
2000-11-12    Freedom of speech under attack in USA and UK simultaneously
2000-11-11    Millennium dome disaster now official
2000-11-02    Dennis Canavan to rejoin Labour party not likely
2000-11-02    Blair lays blaim for fuel tax protests on road hauliers alone
2000-10-30    Youngsters being forced into NOT driving
2000-10-30    Entrapment schemes for criminals need VERY careful scrutiny
2000-10-30    Blair would use army against public in fuel protests
2000-10-22    Commonwealth studies a course to make EVERY Scot sick
2000-10-21    McLeish to be new London puppet over Scots parliament
2000-10-20    Labours Scottish losers pick over Dewars bones
2000-10-12    No father figures for our NON nation
2000-10-11    Labours Henry McLeish shows his anti-Scottish side again
2000-10-07    Sports stadium a slap in the face to Scots
2000-10-06    Scottish labour stays with medieval type degradation
2000-10-06    Do not forget what the Tory unionists DID TO SCOTLAND
2000-10-04    Panoramic study of politics dying on UK tv
2000-10-03    SNP set to win by election
2000-09-26    Englands chancellor continues with punishing fuel taxes
2000-09-25    Private Finance Initiative challenged by Scottish Unions
2000-09-25    Blair admits his massive errors
2000-09-24    Galbraiths education cover up
2000-09-16    Lobbyists sleaze on with Scotland Labour party
2000-09-12    Labours Scottish bully boys show their colours
2000-09-11    Paper wars will hopefully downgrade the Scotsman paper
2000-09-11    New Lords may be Labour backers
2000-09-10    SNP may need to leave Edinburgh base
2000-09-10    Blair and British Aerospace guilty of bribe usage?
2000-09-06    Reids stunt shows how Labour is for LONDON not Scotland
2000-09-04    Tories use the word freedom but have no concept of what it is
2000-08-30    Freedom on information in Scotland will be a LIE
2000-08-29    Council watchdog in Scotland all but scrapped
2000-08-19    More Labour leaks in Scotland point to Labour failures
2000-08-14    Leaked labour document may be a red herring
2000-08-12    Labours Scottish membership dying on its feet
2000-08-06    Monetary autonomy leads to Scottish Labour in-fighting
2000-08-04    Scotlands Labour party smug over poll results
2000-07-22    I spy therefore Im in Londons back pocket
2000-07-15    Scots artists of old insulted by Scotlands own national gallery
2000-07-12    BBC to be fixed by Labour
2000-07-03    Labour councils will be slaughtered in next elections
2000-07-01    Let them eat cake
2000-06-19    Historical Scottish documents rot through neglect
2000-05-27    Labour lustre dulling as reality hits home
2000-05-23    Labour hits out at family values
2000-05-20    Sleaze investigator in Westminster under fire
2000-05-05    Labour loses in council elections on a grand scale
2000-04-13    Ken Livingstone will be EXCELLENT London Mayor
2000-04-13    Blair and Labour making poor poorer faster.
2000-04-09    Regional development authorities Labour nests - official.
2000-04-06    Westminster breaches human rights with breastfeeding ban
2000-03-24    Liberal leader wallace squeaks out
2000-03-24    Labour slighted Herald newspaper?
2000-03-10    Blair expects Scots to STAY his dumb slaves
2000-03-08    Blairs speech will fall on largely deaf Scottish ears
2000-03-04    SNP reaffirm desire to make Scotland independent
2000-03-02    Labour screws Unions for cash and bans others
2000-02-25    Scotlands new parliament building a waste of cash
2000-02-20    Witch hunt liberals in Scotlands parliament
2000-02-06    SNP Salmond lambasts Blair
2000-02-05    Time for Labour councils to be disbanded
2000-01-24    Dennis Canavan - once Labour now a free thinker
2000-01-23    Blairs hell hounds lean on Robinson over book revelations
2000-01-17    Labour snubs its Liberal bedmates again
2000-01-09    Labour fears losing council control in Scotland
2000-01-06    Robinsons book about Labour sleaze gets canned
2000-01-05    Spy in sky tracking of cars breaks European Laws
2000-01-02    Blair plans to RIG house of Lords with his cronies
2000-01-01    Dewar rants on about visions for Scotland after 2000