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  independence for Scotland    

2001-12-30    Euro currency must be embraced by SNP for Scotlands sake
2001-12-21    Chip sector hit badly in Central Scotland
2001-12-17    Scotland would be financially solvent when independent
2001-11-29    Scottish whisky exports hurt by English taxes
2001-11-28    UK budget offers spin and no substance
2001-11-28    The British Airports Authority may help kill Scottish tourism
2001-11-20    Scotland not to get tourism minister
2001-10-23    New England-only football stadium project will be scrapped
2001-09-17    Fox and Hare hunts to be banned in Scotland
2001-09-14    Scots drivers cash taken with legal backing
2001-09-10    Even Europeans see Scots and English pay too much for petrol
2001-08-14    Private jails show scale of social failure in Scotland
2001-08-09    Scottish farmers waiting on LONDON as usual
2001-08-08    Edinburgh festival mind set needs to spread Scotland wide
2001-08-06    Please Sir can I have some more?
2001-07-24    Scots see more business head South of border
2001-07-20    South East England to pay fair share of Council taxes
2001-07-03    Westminster is computer and hi-tech ignorant
2001-06-20    Oil industry in Scotland slowing a good thing?
2001-06-20    Hi Tech drop out in Scotland
2001-05-29    Scottish tourism dying
2001-05-27    Flash in the pan clothing?
2001-05-27    British voters poll to keep stealing Scotlands oil and gas
2001-05-23    Fishy tale for conservation
2001-05-11    Lights, camera NO ACTION
2001-05-09    Fuel everywhere but its too expensive
2001-05-05    Glaswegians vote Labour even from the unemployment queue
2001-05-04    Startups in Scotland floundering under Labour (Westminster)
2001-05-02    Scotland will be a technological backwater
2001-04-28    Motorola stabs Scotland in back to save $$$$$
2001-04-26    Blairs foot-in-mouth problem to get worse
2001-04-23    Americas to open markets as Europe has already done
2001-04-10    Deaths and liabel for railtrack
2001-04-04    Foot in McLeishs mouth
2001-03-30    From battleships to container ships - Scapa flow
2001-03-30    Blair pleads to American tourists
2001-03-26    Scotland will lose all its tourists
2001-03-17    Scots and Northern English slide into deeper poverty
2001-03-12    Poverty bites Scots, Labour denies this
2001-03-12    Foot in Mouth disease spreads
2001-02-09    Tax cuts to buy votes
2001-02-06    Holiday homes raping the Scottish countryside
2001-01-31    Rural Scotland - deprived and depressed
2001-01-26    Genetically modified crops given green light for Scotland
2001-01-23    Labours city entry tax illegal
2001-01-22    Scots fisherman persuade EU to preserve fish breeding areas
2001-01-18    Rose coloured glasses for Scottish colony
2001-01-18    Mad cows in Westminster
2001-01-08    Labours fuel tax still crippling Scots and English alike
2001-01-08    Interest rate bribe on the way
2001-01-04    Fishy tale over Salmon health